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Synergy CRM: More than CRM

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Exact is in the top 2 of most used CRM applications in the Netherlands (source: Automatisering gids). It is not so surprising if you take a look at our customer and products.

Most of our customers are in the SMB and/or professional services market space. They act local or international and have a need for an application that supports all their daily business activities. The sales, marketing and support activities consume a big part of a company’s daily activities, but an application that can only support these processes is not enough! Nowadays the whole organization takes part in these processes, because they are not anymore limited to only one or two departments. Think about the Finance or Order entry department. Each department is involved in activities that are related to your customers.

I was a consultant for over 8 years and visited a lot of customers. What I noticed is that the topics such as CRM and HRM are mentioned a lot during the process of buying the product: “We need to have a CRM application”. When the product is bought, the terms CRM and HRM don’t exist anymore. It is all about processes, reports and who is allowed to see what. The company’s vision and strategy determine which business processes need to be supported and which reports are necessary to measure the input, output and throughput; “Are we on target?”, “How can we improve?” Do you think it matters if these are CRM or HRM process or reports? I can’t draw a line to define where CRM begins or ends. It is different for every company and in fact different for any person. Ask 3 people what CRM is and you get at least 3 different answers.

Synergy is used so much, because it is not limited to only CRM.  Synergy is much more and that makes Synergy CRM powerful. Still with me?  Synergy is used throughout the organization and is not limited to only one or two departments. How could it? Are the other departments not involved or interested in your customers? I don’t think this is true, most of the times. Areas such as CRM, project management and HRM are fully integrated.
Example for project management: The projects you run, the hours you write, the project invoices you send, it all involves your customer.
Example for HRM: if the consultant is sick or a person from the presales with specific skills is on holiday, it as well involves your customer.

So your whole organization works with Synergy, great! As a result all activities within your organization that are related to an account are visible and accessible to everybody regardless of department. Your formal processes are all managed in Synergy, all your reports… in Synergy. Setting up roles and right structure…. Synergy again.  You probably ask yourself can there be more? Yes it can! Because all data related to an account is available at one spot: the account card in Synergy. Think about correspondence, emails, activities, complaints, opportunities, visit reports, quotations, late payments, but also financial transactions stored in Globe such as sales orders and invoices.

There is hardly any other application that can beat that without a need for an integration of multiple systems together. And with all information stored centrally, you have a powerful instrument in hands that allows you to search for new opportunities. Use this information to send a target email campaign. You can check per recipient if he opened the email and which articles he read.  You will learn about his interests and can use that when contacting him. Give him a call!

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  • Mrb


    Come on be serious about synergy; integrated yes, intuitive by no means and not loved by users for his easiness of use (click, click gone); it is for control freaks that love to register; dashboards????


  • Anthony


    Showed Synergy to prospect today and they loved it.
    Don’t need it for all of their business, but for helping in Quality and Vendor Management.
    The prospect was going further with ideas of how to use & deploy then we – Sals / Presales were.
    Lucky the new Role based pricing for Enterprise will help with getting more users onto CRM & ESE roles with just a few professional users.


  • Robert Klein


    ESE with Textual appearance simplies the user experience for users. Many users like the customization of Homepage/Dashboard by users. Now that SQL Server Dashboards Web Parts can be added, users are anxious to use them, especially with the multi-browser support. Synergy Office Integration allows users to never leave Outlook if they so wish. Opportunity Managment is now improved with a quick Quotation, adding a lines rapidly.


  • Martin Ortgiess


    Hi Mrb. One of the key factors of a successful implementation, is ease of use. Synergy can be as easy or complex as you want to make it. The more detail that needs to be registered in a process, the more complex it gets for a user to use the system. Finding the right balance between detail and ease of use is key. Hire a consultant! He or she can help you to look to your current implementation and see how your environment can be simplified for the users in your organization.

    Dashboards: We got a growing number of dashboards we deliver to our customers when they upgrade to a new version. (see this blog post)Tell me what you want, give me a call or email : I will show you!

    Last but not least: If you have implemented the latest product update of Synergy Enterprise (244), you are able to see the new interface we are developing.
    You can also take a look at this blog post.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Good luck!

    Martin Ortgiess


  • Gert


    I think that the integration of CRM, HRM, Workflow, documents and some project-related stuff makes Synergy a great tool. In eachpart you can find much much better software (and for the techies: also using techniques the way they’re supposed to be used), but then you end up with lots of integration tools. With Synergy, you get pretty good software in all those areas and the fact that it’s all in 1 system makes it a great tool.

    (only then it’s more surprising that there’s no integrated scenario anymore in ESE, for classic Synergy that was also a big advantage, now you end up again with an integration tool….)

    But even with simple implementations, classic Synergy is definitely not the most userfriendly piece of software. The old menu structure is a pain and you need to click around a lot.

    (although I might be critical sometimes about Exact and Synergy, after working for 10+ years for resellers, I still think the product is nice else I would stop working for Exact resellers)


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