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Introducing a new menu style for Exact Online

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

At Exact Online we’re constantly trying to improve our solution and make it easier to use. As part of this effort we’ve created a new menu style. It has been available since May this year, so you might have seen it already.

This new style – ‘Tab’- is quite different from the original ‘Panel’ menu, so let’s look at its main properties and some of the ideas behind them.

  • New colors
    Instead of the panel menu’s bright red, we used more subdued blue and gray colors (no other colors are available either)
  • All menus in one place
    The panel menu offers three ways to access a certain menu or functionality – the toolbar (the top section with the icons),  the top menu (the drop down below the toolbar) and the left menu. They complicate setting up the menu and can lead to confusion.
    With the new style, the tabs in the top of the screen are the only navigation option. Move your mouse over the tabs to expand the menu and show the available menu options. They are organized into functional areas: Finance, Sales, Purchase, and Person. The tabs are displayed according to the modules in your license.
  • Direct access to important functions
    We also made certain functions directly available from the tab menu – like creating a financial entry or viewing all customers. We obviously can’t place every menu option on the tabs so there are links that will direct you to the full menus for each module.
  • Navigate with bread crumbs
    Just like for Hansel and Gretel, bread crumbs now show where you were coming from, allowing you to easily track back to an earlier page. They’re visible as links in the top left cornor of the screen.
  • General search available
    The panel menu offered serveral search boxes. In the tab menu, one general search field accomodates all data types found in Exact Online. Just type what you want to search for, hit enter, and all results matching your request will be shown

Want to give it a try? You can easily switch. Just go to your user settings and select the drop down ‘Menu style’ on the general tab. Change the value to ‘Tab menu’ and press save. That’s it! Changing back to the ‘Panel’ menu works the same way.

If you haven’t tried yet, here are a few extra handy tips:

  • The Home tab contains general menus like the user settings, your own user data and your account data, as well as access to the system menu.
  • The right side of the menu bar contains the ‘Log off’ link and help access
  • The ‘More’ links in the tabs lead to the full menu for the applicable module

We made the tab menu available to get feedback from you. So please do give it a try and tell us what you think. Your comments will help us to keep improving it and make using Exact Online easier for everyone.

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  • Robert Klein


    I really like the tab view


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