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Have you ever wondered how new solutions are developed at Exact?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

If you have, then I’m a good person to ask. As a functional designer, let me share some insight on the development of the new time registration and invoicing solution in Exact Online I’m currently involved with. You may have seen something of it before –in Robert’s post announcing its trial release, or in Timo’s explanation of how it’s already helping our own organization.
It is not yet on the market, but is still available for trial. Read on to discover how we’ve continued developing it further together with customers just like you!

My starting point was a question: ‘Who are we doing this for?’

Focusing on a target sector – consultancy companies in this case – is key when creating solutions of any kind. However, the focus only comes from an initial, broader view.

Having decided our target audience, I initially visited companies in a wide range of sectors, all offering some kind of professional service: accountancy, administration, management consultancy, environmental consultancy and even, more exotically for this list, construction.

They all demonstrated a common theme – time spent on an assignment needed to be registered in order for them to invoice their customers. They also wanted insight into how time was spent, helping them to act appropriately when necessary. These core requirements really helped us a lot in determining the basics for our new solution, allowing us to create a list of necessary items customers expect to be in such a solution.

Following this input, we went ahead with building the basics. We then sought feedback as early as possible, essential in helping us chose the right way forward. A few customers were invited to use the software themselves in a controlled release setting. Their thoughts and comments then allowed us to start improving what we’d created. The No. 1 requested feature involved automatically compressing  time entries  from different days into a single invoice line. So we added it. Thanks directly to the responses of our customer pilots, we were quickly able to deliver a significantly improved product. Our thanks again for that!

Following on from this first round of improvements, we’re now again looking for users to tell us what they think. It’s now possible for any Exact Online customer  to investigate the look and feel of our newest solution. The login page of Exact Online displays a link allowing any Exact Online customer, whether subscribed or trial, to add our time registration and invoicing solution to their license.

Please have a try! Start a journey as an online Pilot! Who knows – it could help you and your business in a way you wouldn’t expect. I’m already looking forward to talking with you and exchanging ideas. Your feedback could make a real difference to all our users!

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