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Getting through to people who use our software

Written by Edgar Wieringa on . Posted in Exact Synergy

For about one and a half years we have had this blog up, hoping to engage with as many people as we can. I have written some posts on which I got much feedback. These replies delivered me inspiration, new views and pride that so many people truly care about our products. Thank you for that!

One of the goals I personally had with this blog was to get more in contact with people who actually use our software as part of their professional tasks. So the people who work at or are a company which actively uses our solutions, next to my colleagues or working at a business partner. Not that we don’t interact now via other means with these people, or that they can’t call us or have us over for a good chat. But the ‘social web’ makes it so much easier to quickly engage or start an interaction which leads to so much more.

Although I am quite happy with the replies I got or the ones I read on posts from colleagues, also there is some disappointment. I have the feeling that we are not reaching these people yet. Or at least in a too limited number. Why would they read this?

The Exact product blog is a open platform were various people from various positions at Exact share on themselves, their work and our plans. Input from the blog is directly applied to the products and our view. And every reply get’s a follow-up.

I hope that is simply enough to attract more users to this blog. My request to you is twofold:

  • Could you please help me in promoting this blog
  • And/ or share tips with me on how to better reach these people who use our software in the benefit of their business

This blog is not a marketing tool it is one of the ways we use to get to know you better! Maybe as a third item; when you have topics of which you know users would be more interested in, also these are welcome.

This post should not be misread, the current replies are truly of value. It is just that I am convinced there are more people out there from which I can learn. Thanks for caring and thinking along. Keep your replies coming in, just let’s make the group BIGGER πŸ™‚

For the image the credits go to yushimoto_02 [christian], taken from flickr.

Edgar Wieringa

I enjoy building software that supports your business' goals and people love to use. Hobbies: cooking, food, travelling, reading and running. Follow my work on http://twitter.com/edjewie

Comments (4)

  • Ann Hayner


    Would it be possible for something like this to be done for North American users? So much of what is posted here does not apply to those users, or at least appears that way.

    Or perhaps it is only intended for the European users?


  • Edgar Wieringa


    Dear Ann,

    Thanks for your response, good to read your concerns. Our product blog is currently around the products Exact offers internationally. These are mainly global products, available in 25+ countries. Currently an exception is still for the Exact Online product which we have ‘only’ released in a couple of countries yet. These posts might not be so relevant for your part of the globe. Yet πŸ˜•

    It can however also be that some of these global solutions haven’t reached full traction in certain markets. For instance due to a connection with another product. Should you have topics which would make you feel more at home, please let me know.

    Thanks again,



  • Judy


    I find that it’s very hard to see clearly what has been implemented when it comes to screenshot. The image is too small and can’t be enlarged due to the saved dimension is too small.

    My two cents. πŸ™‚


  • Robert Klein


    I found the blog very useful for us in North America to provide current inforamtion about new features and the opportunity to collaborate with feedback. I have lost count on how many times I have forwarded blog links to customers and resellers.


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