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A day at work with… a wholesaler

Written by Eugène Pattikawa on . Posted in Exact Online

During our controlled release phase for Exact Online Logistics we where able to gain some insights into how today’s wholesale companies work.  When you talk about wholesalers for the SME market, visualizing the setting suggests a picture of  a central warehouse with goods and an office located near or even within the warehouse, all static. But nowadays you wont necessarily be right…

Nowadays it is more based on the internet, webshops, flexibility and mobility. It’s becomming more and more evident that modern wholesale is more about communication than location. Some of our customers only need a laptop to run their entire business operations – the web to access their Exact Online environment, webshop, and telecommunication via VOIP.  The office has become a mobile entity.

The picture which I have included gives an impression of how one of our controlled release customers works. He has a mobile office  equipped with everything he needs.  Working with Exact Online (Logistics ) gives him the opportunity to access all his logistical information wherever he is. Armed with the most up to date information at all times, he can literally drive to his customers to show his products and create sales orders on the spot. He’s also got real time access to his accountant whenever he needs him – at any stage of his logistical process.

It was fascinating to see first hand just how modern logistical entrepreneurs can operate – and great to see how our combination of process management and flexibility is helping these businesses to achieve real success.

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