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What a wonderful world…

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online


Doing the accounting for a business demands that you’re continually diving into information across the administration, particularly when you have to analyze results before taking appropriate action. Before you can analyze a complete data set, you need to enter the purchase invoices you receive from your suppliers. More often than not, this isn’t the most fun you’ll have at work. Copying across information from the paper in front of you can be frustrating and time consuming.

Still on paper?

Why, in 2010, are you still receiving your invoices on paper? Why not let your accounting solution book them automatically for you? We’re not talking about rocket science here, just a system that reads an electronic document (in UBL or fInvoice format) and proposes the appropriate entry on the screen. This has been a standard functionality in our Exact Online and Exact Globe solutions for more than a year. However, over the last few months we’ve been focusing more on user experiences in this area, interviewing customers about the entry of electronic invoice documents.

Having talked to our users, we have made a lot of effort to make this process more user-friendly and faster than ever before. In the new interface, we present the purchase invoice on the left side of the screen and a light version of the entry page on the right. The supplier of the invoice is automatically recognized from the data. If the supplier is not recognized, you can select the correct one or create a new one without having to leave the screen. The selected G/L cost account will also be automatically linked to the customer – automatically proposed again the next time an invoice from them is processed.

Thanks to these changes, the time the user takes to enter purchase invoices is significantly reduced. This in turn increases user performance, especially for accountancy offices who book the entries for their customers.

We need electronic invoices!!!

We have a dream. It’s a dream where all your purchase invoices are received electronically in your digital inbox. As such, you’re able to book all of them in less than 3 minutes per month! Let’s imagine that you go to do some shopping at IKEA. At the checkout, you pay the amount due and ask to receive the bill electronically in your Exact digital mailbox. Or you could even just take a picture of the bill with your IPhone and upload it. When you then connect to Exact Online or Exact Globe, they can be booked with just 2 clicks!

Unfortunately not all your suppliers will have an invoice system capable of this tomorrow. You are likely to be receiving them on paper for a few years yet. That’s why one of our partners has the idea to convert a paper invoice into an electronic invoice that can then be uploaded into your Exact digital mailbox. You just need to scan your invoice and upload it through www.Kirean.com. It will then be visible in your favorite accounting solution the day after!

Our customers want to receive more electronic invoices from their suppliers. They don’t want to have to spend hours entering information manually. They want to spend their precious time doing real work. That’s why we’re here to help!

I think of us, working together with our customers to help fix their problems. I think of our invoicing dream slowly becoming a reality. I think of our solutions helping make life better for the entrepreneurs who use them. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

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