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Oh no! Not another password!

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Exact Online

Ever got frustrated by the sheer amount of passwords you have to remember to get access to different applications – whether from the same vendor or a number of different ones?

If the answer to the above question is YES, the following item could well be of interest to you…

Exact Identity Service

The Exact Identity Service (EIS) has recently been released. EIS makes it possible to login to a range of applications with a single set of credentials, provided that the applications in question support the use of the product.

The Exact Identity Service has been developed as the single product handling any authentication procedure required for any Exact application. At present the service is only used by Exact Online, although it will most likely also be used by other Exact products in the near future.

Exact Online

Exact Online is the first, so called, relying party of the Exact Identity Service. Through its use we have made it possible to enter Exact Online without supplying your username/password combination. At the moment this mainly benefits external stakeholders who can login to Exact Online with the credentials they use internally in their own systems.


The benefits of the new system are perhaps best seen through an example…


A user at an accountancy firm comes to work and wants to log into their system and then wants to connect to Exact Online to do some bookkeeping for a customer.

Old method

–          User enters his/her credentials to login to the accountancy firm’s system.

–          User presses a link in the portal of the accountancy firm to go to Exact Online.

–          User enters his/her credentials to login to Exact Online.

New method

–          User enters his/her credentials to login to the accountancy firm’s system.

–          User presses a link in the accountancy firm’s portal to go directly into Exact Online.


As you can see from the above, the new system means that the user doesn’t have to enter his/her credentials to access Exact Online. They only have to remember their credentials for their accountancy firm environment – the authentication process handles the Exact Online access automatically.

It’s not hard to imagine the benefit this offers if you extend the example – a whole collection of applications accessible with only one set of login credentials. No more confusion, no more forgotten passwords, no more getting locked out because you’ve used the wrong combination…again.

Of course, the extent to which this product can benefit its users is dependent on the number of applications that support it. As such, we’ll be sure to keep you informed as developments around the Exact Identity Service occur.

Comments (2)

  • Kees LEijs


    YES Single Sign On, but…..
    where can I find it ?


  • Eddie Terlouw


    I’m not sure what you exactly mean with the phrase:
    Where can I find it?

    If you would like to receive more information about Single SIgn On than you can contact me (Eddie Terlouw) at email address:

    If you want to see the Single Sign On solution then I can inform you that currently it is only applicable for external partners (accountancy firms) who wish to establish a direct connection with Exact Online. This implies that it will only be visible for those external partners who established this connection.


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