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Nothing but Exact Online!

Written by Emiel Romein on . Posted in Exact Online

Get rid of the unnecessary clutter that accompanies your browser

Did you know it is possible to use Exact Online in full screen mode? Getting rid of those space consuming icons, buttons and other fields is actually quite easy. Just click Tools > Full Screen in Internet Explorer or press the F11 key.
Try it now and see what happens! Simply press the F11 key again to switch back to the “normal” mode and retrieve your menu.

In Firefox you also press F11 or click Full Screen in the View Menu.

Safari for Mac unfortunately does not support a full screen option. Some creative people found some workarounds though. Click this link to search the web: http://www.google.com/search?q=full+screen+safari

Easier on the eyes

Now that you have more Exact Online on your screen, let’s make it easier on the eyes! It’s possible to zoom the content of your browser. In plain English: You can make Exact Online bigger and easier to read.  In the status bar – this is the bar in the bottom of Internet Explorer – you can increase the zoom percentage. If you can’t see the status bar enable it via Tools > Toolbars > Check: Status Bar.
Click the zoom button and select a zoom percentage. You can even increase or decrease zoom by pressing the Ctrl and + key, or the Ctrl and – key at the same time. The real power users zoom in and out using the mouse. Hold down the Ctrl key and roll your mouse wheel up and down at the same time.

In Firefox and Safari for Mac the zoom options are not available from the Status bar in the bottom of the screen. Firefox does zoom using the Ctrl + and Ctrl and mouse shortcuts though. The mouse shortcut is also the same in Safari, but if you zoom using the keyboard, use the Command key instead of Control (Cmd + and Cmd -).


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Comments (2)

  • Robert Klein


    I use that feature all the time, however I am hoping to move to Firefox soon!


  • Edgar Wieringa


    What I would like to add to the post of Emiel is that newer browser versions have also focussed on removing the clutter. So if you are not a fan of the full screen mode, it will help you to move to for instance Internet Explorer 8 if you are still on a lower version. Same goes for more recent Safari versions.

    So if the Full screen mode doesn’t serve your needs, you could consider upgrading your Internet browser.


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