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Is your information secure in Exact Online?

Written by Timo van Noppen on . Posted in Exact Online

The internet is now as commonplace in most countries as other public services like gas, water and electricity. Recently, the highest court in France even ruled that internet access is a ´fundamental human right´. But this fundamental right also comes with great responsibility.

We’ve all read or heard about websites or web-based-applications that were found leaking information. Some were because of programming errors, others because of intruders that hacked their way in. The reasons are multiple but the result always the same – information that was not supposed to visible became so.

Owners of websites and web-based-applications have a huge responsibility. They have to ensure the information they are trusted with remains safe and cannot be retrieved by people that have no right to access it.

For a web-based-application like Exact Online, maintaining security for the information entered by our users is a fundamental aspect of what we do. Since the very beginning of the product, security has been engrained in the development team and in the product itself. We pay particular attention to it in the architecture and the base framework. This ensures that all developed functionality, which is always based on the framework, is secure in a consistent manner. Any new security risks discovered on the internet can then be easily countered. By making changes in the base framework, we directly affect and protect all functionality automatically.

It’s not only the application that needs to be secure though. The environment it runs on needs to be as well. Webservers, database servers, firewalls, etc. need to be set up to provide the maximum security possible. Exact Online runs on an environment hosted and managed by one of the leading hosting providers in the world: Rackspace. Close cooperation between Rackspace’s engineers and our own professionals allows us to effectively manage the environment and keep a close eye on security and any risks that might arise.

To further ensure Exact Online and its environment’s security, and that our customers can trust in the safety of their data, we have also hired an external company that, on a regular basis, performs audits on Exact Online and the environment. This company (Comsec Consulting) has been auditing Exact Online since 2006. As a testament to the high level of security we maintain, they have certified Exact with the e-Sure certificate. Every year we have to continue to meet strict criteria to be able to renew it.

So, to give an answer to this blog post’s title: Yes, your (and all our customers’) information is secure in Exact Online. You can rest assured that we are continuously looking at further ways to improve our security as well – keeping ourselves up-to-date with new developments across the field as they occur.

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