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Helping us help you

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online’s help system is there to do just that – ensure that whenever you have questions or are unsure about what to do next, you have a resource to get you moving again.

As Adeel mentioned in a previous article, we’re busy developing a new style of help document that makes it easier to understand the processes involved in using Exact Online. It’s currently being tried by some of our pilot Time and Billing and Subscriptions customers and we’re excited about further developing it in line with their feedback.

In addition to this project, we’re also busy with improving the existing documentation wherever possible – and particularly where you’ve told us that it would most benefit you.

All the help files in Exact Online offer the opportunity to rate the document on how ‘helpful’ you found it. We compile the information you provide to create an overview of the help system and, in combination with which help files are viewed the most frequently,  generate a ‘league table’ of the documents  requiring attention most urgently. These help files can then be worked on first, helping to make sure that we apply our efforts where they can assist you most.  

Because the whole concept of the help system revolves around our users, they are the most important people when it comes to planning where we should focus. The help grading system is there as a simple, quick and easy way for us to gather important information from the people actually using the product.

We’d just like to remind you that it’s there, and that it also comes with a comments box, helping you to be specific in describing what you miss or would like to see changed. The more that our users take a moment to rate and even comment on a helpfile, the more effective we can be in delivering you exactly what you need.

We want to give you an enjoyable, empowering user experience and understand that listening carefully to you is at the core of that. We value your feedback in any form, although the help rating system can be especially useful to us in pinning down where to focus our attention. Please do take a moment to use it whenever you have the chance – and help us to help you!

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