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E-WMS supports HIBC barcode

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe


The HIBC (Health Industry Bar Coding) barcode is more and more used. E-WMS is used by a number of companies that do business with Health Industry companies. Therefore, the HIBC should be supported.

With E-WMS on the handheld we already support Code39 and EAN128 barcode in different ways (like scan combination, SSCC).

HIBC uses logic to combine item code, batch number, serial number, end date and quantity values in one text string. After scanning the code, it should be split to the different entities.


Scanning a barcode is basically no more than filling the ‘keyboard buffer’, the scan head of a scanning device just translates a barcode. An HIBC barcode looks like a complicated barcode, but it just a row of digits. Only the meaning and format of the digits is decided by international rules, so any party in a logistic chain can use the barcode.

Below some examples with explanation of the text in the barcode

+J006476704   (LOT or Batch Number)

+$$051101815734Q   (Quantity / Date End / Batch Number)

+E186F122810/09293820285000FT  (Supplier LIC / ProductID|ItemCode)


There can be more elements in the barcode then we use in E-WMS. In E-WMS we support the following elements;

–    Item Code

–    Serial Number

–    Batch Number

–    Quantity

–    End Date

Note:  The HIBC functionality can be used mixed with code39 and/or EAN128. We strongly suggest using scanner Code Settings at E-MWS handheld settings. For more information about this check the E-WMS documentation on the Exact portal.

This HIBC code functionality is available from product update 399.

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