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Beyond electronic invoicing

Written by Remko Weijers on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online

It’s about a year ago that electronic invoicing has been implemented in Exact Online and Exact Globe. Like any new concept, it takes some time for customers to get used to and to start implementing. Current usage rates do indicate that adoption is growing and I expect strong growth in the near future: the Dutch government is requiring companies to send invoices electronically as of 2011 and for many users sending and receiving invoices will be made even easier.

In this blog entry, I would like to take the concept of electronic invoicing a step further. An electronic invoice after all is (just) a digital message that is sent over a network. Once the network is in place, the content of the digital message is no longer particularly relevant – it could literally be anything. The question then becomes: what other types of messages would be useful? Especially when having the daily administrative processes in mind. The goal is of course to offer more efficiency, improve collaboration, prevent errors and ensure that people can focus on their business, instead of being occupied with administrative tasks.

To make it more practical, let’s look at some examples. The ordering process could be improved: one company’s purchase order is the other company’s sales order. So, why enter it twice? Just let your software do that for you. And what about the sales confirmation process? Currently, it involves a lot of paper and manual actions, like signing, posting, scanning and archiving. Why not send the confirmation electronically, update the status of the sales order and ensure the confirmation is properly archived?

Now it’s your turn! I want to invite you to tell us the business processes where you can see room for improvement within your company (or at one of your customers).
Share your ideas with us so we can do some investigation – it could be the starting point for a new solution. You can either leave a reply below or send me an e-mail with your suggestions…

Thanks in advance!

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