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Exact Synergy supports Microsoft Office 2010

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of summer 2010 we will support Microsoft Office 2010.
This version of Office will be supported in the product updates 242, 243 and 244.

Some details:
– we support Office 2010 32-bit version only.
  This version is recommended by Microsoft, also on a 64-bit Operating System.
Synergy Office Integration (SOI) is supported with Office 2010
– Office Add-in is, since the introduction of SOI, in maintenance mode and will not be supported as of Office 2010.

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Comments (3)

  • Barry van der Meij


    We are using this new SOI version for a few weeks now and we are really enthousiastic about it.

    It works faster, is more stable and even looks better.

    Best improvement is it logs on to your synergy environment only when you use it, great advantage for “people on the road”.

    Enrolling it on our Citrix environment also was e piece of cake, instantly for all users.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Brad Boston


    We like the new interface and the installation is cleaner than the add-in. However we’ve been trying for two months to resolve an issue where attachments will not save with Outlook emails. Additionally, after a document is created through the integration it cannot be edited in order to add the attachments so workarounds are difficult. This really needs to be resolved in order for this tool to be effective.


  • Martin Ortgiess


    Hi Brad,

    sorry to hear you are running into issue using Synergy Office Integration. There are no known issues why this should not work. I have ask your account manager to follow up on this issue. She will contact you soon. I will follow this issue as well.


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