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Exact Globe product update 398 is General Available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

After months of designing, developing and many tests Exact Globe product update 398 is now general available. With this product update our local brands Grote Beer available in The Netherlands and Exact Pro in Germany will migrate to Exact Globe. Updating to product update 398 for those local brands means automatically start to work with Exact Globe.

For this product update we also did many, many, many legal changes to help you fulfilling your legal requirements. A few examples are:

  • Support of Italian INTRASTAT return,
  • Extended SEPA to Austrian legislation,
  • Added additional Bank Formats.

We further extended the method Work-In-Progress Cost and Revenue; started to support Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit & Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and renamed Pick-IT into Warehouse Management System (E-WMS) to reflect its growing functionality and full integration into Exact Globe as a standard module.

Besides those bigger changes we also looked into the feedback you shared with us and based on your feedback we also made it possible to:

  • Store more layouts in PDF format,
  • Run the MRP cleanup tool also for production orders and stock allocations,
  • Process unauthorized Incoming Invoice Register (IIR) entries when closing a period,
  • Export ‘Flow of Goods report’ to Microsoft Excel.

The functionalities mentioned in this blog are just a few of all the improvements we did in product update 398. Check the product update news page for the high lights and video’s and check the release notes for an overview of all the improvements and their details.

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