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Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 244 in Controlled Release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

On behalf of the Product Management team, I am pleased to announce that Exact Synergy Enterprise will move into the controlled release phase for product update 244 as per today, August 26.  Depending on the results of the controlled release of course, this new product update is planned to be generally available end of September.

.More than 30 customers are already lined up to participate in the controlled release and start using it. On top of that all of Exacts partners/resellers are able to download the 244 product update as well. Your feedback is very much appreciated so that we can make this update a great experience for all our customers.

The high lights of the new update are:


For a full overview of all new functionality, please refer to the release notes for product update 244 as well as several articles on our product blog. Updated material from Exademy will soon become available via this link and will be announced seperately on this blog as well.

Important to note is that due to the new role-based license model, Controlled release customers who are using Incoming Invoice Register or an SDK solution, will need an updated license file. The existing licenses will be updated by Exact over the coming period before General Availability. If you happen to be a Controlled release customer or partner who has either one of these 2 modules today, then please contact Robin den Buurman.

For more information on this announcement, please contact Ronald Voets.

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Comments (9)

  • Bert Zweers



    My compliments on this latest release. I have been testing it for the last week and I have seen a lot of progress in the functionalities of Synergy Enterprise.

    But there is one thing I’m curious about. As of this release, other browsers are supported, but it does not work for planning.

    I know thi has been dicussed in the post on multibrowser support (http://blogs.exact.com/products/2010/03/multi-browser-support-of-exact-synergy-enterprise/) but I am curious about future developments on this issue. In other words: will other browsers be supported as of release 245 for all functionalities.

    Kind regards,


  • Robin den Buurman


    Hi Bert,
    The multi browser project is a on-going project. Every release significant effort will be put in to support Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome. You can imagine that adjusting over a 1000 pages (not mentioning webparts, new developments and many other resources) is a lot of work and requires time. We will extend our efforts in 245 by addressing the most used features by our customers first moving ourselves down the list. Currently basic engine features like documents and workflow have been done.

    No other browsers than the ones that I mentioned are currently in our focus.


  • User


    First impression – nice for people with 5 tasks in workflow and a few documents. Much modern than previous one but without useful highlights.

    Generally, many users complain that Synergy requires to many actions to create or check basic data in standard version. We usually spend many time to prepare dedicated startpages with buttons to creating each day actions, reports etc. (another story – you cannot make it for logged user and each startpage must be modify for each user). Unfortunately I don’t see any changes in this area & current homepage looks nice for sales demo, not each working day.

    First advice – ToDo list. User isn’t usually interested when action was created but when should be done. So, let’s think about adding sorting by end date from request body, not create and modify date as in previous version.

    Next advice – Button “New” on the left side – it would be nice to get possibility to add there particular request types or process flows. Different solution – I don’t think that these five buttons on homepage are the most popular. Maybe let’s thinking about smaller icon’s size and possibility adding own icon’s with links to particular request types or actions in Synergy or favorites reports.



  • Brad


    Earlier today I updated a client ‘mobile only update’ to 244 and immediately following received a very comprehensive mobile menu. This menu included ‘Projects’ which is key for this client. I closed the browser and cannot recall the url that defaulted to that mobile page. When I go to mobile now I get the limited version with just Accounts, Workflow and Opportunities. Can you enlighten me on the more comprehensive menu, how to get back to it and if there are any user modifications that can be made to it?



  • Ronald Voets


    Hi Brad, the new Mobile solution we’ve developed in 243 and further enhanced in 244 can be started via the URL: /mobile. So for example http://mysynergyurl.com/mobile

    This one is suitable for any mobile browser.

    The Mobile page you’re referring to, is only suitable for Windows Mobile phones, even limited to some versions of that operating system.We’re not enhancing it anymore and focussing our mobile strategy on the Mobile solution launched in 243, as explained above. If you still want to access this “legacy” mobile page, go to http://mysynergyurl.com/docs/mobmenu.aspx


  • John



    has anything changed with web services in 244? I’m always getting “Unrecognized message version” error. I’m not able to retrieve any entity using web services. With version 243 there were no problems…

    Thanks for any help.




  • Gerard van de Munt


    Hi John,
    We did not make any change in the definition of the web services. I know there are applications that work on 244 which are using the web services without having the situation you now experience.

    I guess it is related to your solution. I would ask if you can send me a mail with more details about the web services you are using, what it does, in which programming language the solution is developed and if the solution is the same as you used for 243 or that you have made any changes.

    You can send the mail to Gerard.van.de.Munt@Exact.com


  • Dario



    I am currently using the reporting services capabilities of Synergy Enterprise. The customer asked me to add sorting by some columns on some of the reports, so I added interactive sorting to my reports.

    When I preview the report on my report designer or by acessing the report directly on the report server url I can see the sorting icons and actually sort my reports, but once I import them into Synergy Enterprise the sorting icons dissappear and so I can’t sort them.

    I am designing my reports in VS2005 and uploading them to a SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services environment.

    Is interactive sorting not supported in Synergy’s Reporting Services integration? Is it planned to be supported on further releases?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Sunil Girdhari


      Hi Dario, great to hear you are using the Reporting Services Integration. To answer your question about interactive sorting we are currently implementing this functionality. It will be available in the next product update and also be patched back to 244 ASAP. Cheers!


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