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Self Service gives you time off

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Aad ‘t Hart has recently published articles about Functions and Features versus the User Experience, Simplicity, web identity and more. In this blog I want to zoom in on Employee Self Service (ESS) facilities in a simplified version of Exact Synergy we are creating, and especially requesting a day off. By making Exact Synergy simpler we aim to make it more designed for specific goals, more modern and easier to use.

The ESS portal gives your employees access to their personal data in a secure and transparent environment. As an employee you can for instance enter or change your time off period, enter an expense claim or change the personal address. This undoubtedly leads to reduction of administrative costs.

In the new simplified version of Exact Synergy, that will be available as a beta version in product update 244, we particularly focus on ESS features. One of them is Time Off.

The screenshot above is the entry part of Time Off. As you can see the screen is truly focused on getting the task of asking time off done easily. Also the user is presented the information he or she naturally needs, for instance “What is my balance?” The entry fields are linked based on the choices the employee made so the employee can quickly fill in the request and ask for approval without being confronted with unnecessary fields that may be left blank.

Now you can ‘dream’ about how to spend your personal time while entering the request instead of the think about which procedures to follow to enter a time off request. And that makes a lot more fun…

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Comments (4)

  • Robert Klein


    A simple, minimal screen with easy entry!

    I assume the first & half day looks at the person schedule to determine start and end times, then auto creates the time start/end entry based off of the schedule?


    • Vincent Henricks


      Thank you for your feedback. You are absolutely right.


  • Rafael Ruiz


    Hey! Very nice work… Any date for the beta release (For Internal use)?. I work in Consultancy and love to see this new releases…


  • Edgar Wieringa



    Thanks for showing your interest and the positive reply. We aim to deliver this to market in Q4. As said this will be a beta, with the most important goal to seek true customer engagement.

    PS. I replied since Vincent is enjoying his holiday


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