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Pick-IT changes to E-WMS

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

As from product Exact Globe update 398 (July 2010) a number of changes considering Pick-IT will be implemented:

  • The name Pick-IT will change into E-WMS!
  • Pick-IT Central Warehouse will be rebranded to E-Intercompany Logistics
  • Pick-IT Sales Transactions will be rebranded to E-Mobile Sales
  • A new module structure will be implemented
  • No separate installation anymore

Pick-IT, Exact’s warehouse management solution has been renamed to E-WMS as from product update 398 to reflect its growing functionality and full integration into Exact Globe as a standard module. One of the functional areas of growth for e-WMS is the addition of SKU management, another one is the addition of directed put-away possibilities. Besides the name change of Pick-IT to E-WMS, Pick-IT Sales Transactions will be named E-Mobile Sales from now on and Central Warehouse will be named E-Intercompany Logistics.


For more detailed information, please read this document

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  • Anthony


    We showed Pick-IT.asp yesterday (on 397) and the opportunity loved it.
    I’ve trialed 398 and it’s great to have all the control centres moved onto a single page + the SKU management, and all the extra bit’s that have been added.
    We also teamed it up with Supply Chain demo and the National Sales Manager nearly fell off his chair at how easy it can be.


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