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Introducing Exact Online Logistics

Written by Eugène Pattikawa on . Posted in Exact Online

 In the previous articles  How do want your egg in the morning and What kind of egg do you like in the morning we already mentioned some features which are implemented in Exact Online Logistics.

In this article I will give a quick introduction of the features we have developed for Exact Online Purchase order and Inventory. Together with Sales order (which has been  in controlled release since last April) the user will have the possibilty to register a  flow of incoming and outgoing logistic transactions. Purchase order and Inventory have been in controlled release since mid June.  

With Purchase order and Inventory the user has the possiblity to create:

  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase returns
  • Stock counts
  • Cost price changes

Besides the cockpit

we also provide the user with several overviews to help keep them in control of the incoming and outgoing transactions:

  • Purchase order status overview
  • Stock positions
  • Transaction list

Through the overviews the user can retrieve information on which purchase orders have been created, in addition to checking the status of  quantities ordered,  received, invoiced or returned.  Available quantities remaining can be retrieved from the stock positions overview.  The user can also zoom in at the columns Planning in and Planning out to get detailed information on which sales and purchase orders have been created. The transaction list functionality also allows detailed insight into stock moving in and out of the business, offering data on items grouped by creditor or debtor, per period or per transaction type.

In general terms, the module offers the user a powerful tool for registering business data, carrying out planning and controlling realizations simply and easily.  Primarily aimed at the lower end of the SMB market, the first reaction from our controlled release customers on the module has been very positive. We will continue to include their feedback in the product and, as we bring it closer to commercial release, will certainly keep you informed of developments as they occur.

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