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Bridging financial and logistics

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

Over the past weeks we have been publishing many articles related to upcoming functionality for Exact Online. Among all these new features, functionality related to support of logistic processes has been announced (see related articles below this posting).

The logistic functionality is in controlled release since early June. To validate our offering we have started a controlled release period until September. For this controlled release, pilot customers have approached us to take part in the tryout of the product.  Before a pilot customer will start with the product, a member of the controlled release team and a member of the development department will bring a visit with the goal to  interact with the customer about the expectations and to see whether the functionality will match with business practice. A nice side effect of having this interaction is that early customer comments can be incorporated before the commercial offering of the product. To give you an example: a customer indicated that it is difficult to trace the financial consequences after processing a logistic entry. To be more to the point, when processing a logistic entry (e.g.  a goods receipt), the financial consequence remains unclear to the user. Therefore we have taken action to bridge the link from the logistic transaction to the financial entry.

In the old days, we probably would have provided a report when processing the goods receipt. However this is not a very ‘green solution’. Therefore we have been ‘bridging’ instead. When opening the processed receipt, we have enabled access to the link to the financial entry that resulted from the goods receipt.

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The entry number in the screen above is hyperlinked to the financial entry. When activating the hyperlink, the financial transaction is displayed.

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The link between the logistic and the financial transaction has been implemented for all logistic transactions: stock counts, sales deliveries, returns, purchase receipts.

I consider this a nice example of using customer input to help making a better product.

Picture credit: Conquering nature by kevindooley

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