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Benefits of Synergy Office Integration

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Synergy Office Integration: What are the benefits of using it, what is the difference with Office add-in and what is new in 244.

Microsoft Office is what most people are used to using for sending email, making appointments, creating documents, presentations etc. It works well for these tasks and everybody knows how to use it. Linking Exact’s collaboration tool Synergy with the Microsoft Office applications was a logical progression. Synergy Office Integration, SOI in short, was introduced in 2008 and gives you the option to easily share your work created in MS Office with those for whom it is relevant. For example, with a single mouse click, you can link your documents or email messages to an account, project or opportunity, etc.. You can even create workflow the moment you save a document, so the follow-up action is directly set in motion.

For most of us, MS Outlook is the place we spend a lot of time managing our external communications. SOI brings Synergy to MS Outlook which means you have all of Synergy’s collaboration functionalities you are used to when working within your web browser without leaving Outlook.

Some benefits of using Synergy Office Integration

– All your Synergy functionalities are available within MS Outlook, which allows you to manage all your work from there.
– Synergy Office Integration is supported for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. SOI is available in MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel and MS
PowerPoint and provides you the option to create and edit Synergy documents in MS Office.
– SOI is integrated with MS Outlook in such a way, you can save your email messages with only one mouse click. The email messages saved to Synergy will be linked to the correct account and contact person. All email messages saved to Synergy are marked so you can easily recognize the email messages that have been saved to Synergy.
– Save all your important documents, Excel sheets and presentations to Synergy with only 1 mouse click. You can enrich your documents or start up workflow.
– Installation of SOI is very easy. You can directly start using SOI after the installation, no additional settings are required. At corporate level all settings can be prefilled; you can change these for yourself if you want to.

Some improvements compared to Office add-in

– Ability to work with Synergy within MS Outlook
– Usability of SOI is much better
– Support of Office 2010
– Easy installation process
– No additional settings required after installation
– Better performance
– Saving email/document with only 1 mouse click
– Installation can be done per user or per machine
– SOI is available for all Synergy users
-‘ Save as’ screen shows fields based on document type
– Possibility to create request when saving a document
– This is only a selection and more to come

What’s new in this version?

– Support of Office 2010
– Option to install SOI per machine next to the option to install per user.
– Performance improvement starting up the Office application

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  • Robert Klein


    No doubt SOI is a time saver, quickly save an email from Outlook and create a workflow immediately! I like how you can save an email directly to the customer/prospects account and also to an opportunity or a project etc. Adding document tags is great for searching documents later.


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