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What kind of eggs do you like in the morning?

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In the previous blog How would you like your eggs in the morning? was announced that you can create your own cockpit by adding graphs, charts or ratios based on your administration data. A very nice feature that brings information to your screen pro-actively.

At the moment Exact Online provides a list of reports from which you can choose. When a report is added to your personal cockpit, you can set some settings. But how the report is shown (gauge or column) and what is shown in detail is fixed.

For example the current Revenue report shows  a “list of revenue per account”. You can set the maximum length of the list.
But what if you want to see the revenue divided per region instead of account or what if you want to express the revenue by column instead of a list?

In the development environment it is now possible to fully design your own reports. You can choose:

  • which subject you want to build a report
  • if you want to see a matrix or a graph
  • in case of a graph: the kind of charttype. For example: line, bar, column, pie
  • what should be displayed on the x-axis and y-axis of your graph
  • which filters should be taken into account
  • which data must be shown when drilling down from the matrix or graph

Example of report definition (please click on the picture for a good view)

As developers we are curious to hear if you as a user only want to determine “how you like your eggs in the morning” or if you also want to be able to “choose the type of eggs” you want to see.

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  • Barry van der Meij



    Looks great and from what I understand this functionality should allow you to build reports without using an external UI.

    Why not add this functionality to Synergy Enterprise as well? This should be able to use both requests as well as transactions then, and would be a great improvement compared to the current pivot analysis reports.

    BR Barry


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