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Pick-IT; A new look!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Pick-ITt has been helping customers organize the logistic processes for years. While technical and functional improvements have taken place ever since its creation, the look and feel of the scanner has only been updated once in the past, when moving to an ASP front end.

The ASP software has recently been polished with an extra layer called Exact Remote Forms, or ERF for short, providing the second improvement of the GUI. It enables the ASP pages to be rendered outside a web browser with all consequences due.

The interface is no longer depending on restrictions of the various available browsers. Several features have been implemented that would not have been possible on a browser based interface. Foremost among those is advanced scrolling functionality. In stead of having to handle narrow scrollbars, the user may simply move the information around with his finger. The information scrolls along. A navigation box in the top left indicates the size of the total panel and small arrows indicate that there is some information off the screen, as shown below. The absence of scroll bars saves pixels on the already small scanner screens.

ERF dramatically increases customizability of the interface. A user with access to the configuration files can change colors, layout, button icons, fonts and font size and logos to their heart’s desire. The default skin (right) and a custom skin (left) are shown below, to give an idea of the possibilities


Not only does this customizability provide us the means to create a well designed interface, it involves the customer in its looks as well. You want the buttons in a different color? Now you can easily do so!

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  • Charlie Ackerman


    Stan, Thanks for the posting. I was reading about this yesterday in the 397 release notes. Your posting helps explain how this will look and work.


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