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How would you like your eggs in the morning?

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

ERP systems are traditionally suited to show you data on request, but hardly bring information to your screen pro-actively. A nice feature of Exact Online that I really get excited about is the possibility to define your personalized cockpit that allows you to add graphs, charts or ratios based on your administration data.

For Exact Online, logistic functionality (purchase, sales and inventory handling) is on its way and we will incorporate a number of indicators that will be displayed to you first thing in the morning. Indicators that allow you to be in control of operations (pending stock revaluations, number of lines in backorder, number of planned receipts today, age of inventory) or performance indicators based on periodic information (inventory turnover ratio, supplier order cycle time, supplier’s performance).

This all sounds very nice (and I feel it actually is) but what we truly would like to hear is whether this is really what you would like to see first thing in the morning? Will it help you to be better in control? Do you know a logistic indicator that definitely needs to be present and is not mentioned above? If so, then please respond with the most important indicator to be in better logistic control.

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