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Freelancers: How can we help you?

Written by Timo van Noppen on . Posted in Exact Online

Being a freelancer offers you a lot of freedom. Freedom to choose only the contracts you like, to choose when to work and when to have time off, no boss to report to, etc. At the same time you also have to manage your acquisition, close contracts, invest in your network, keep track of your billable hours,  invoice clients and keep on top of your bookkeeping among many other activities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get assistance with things that you have to do but don’t particularly enjoy and/or struggle to find the time for?

We’d like to know what we can do to help. On the 11th of May we are organizing a roundtable-session which we would like professional services freelancers to participate in. In this interactive session we want to discuss what’s on your mind and keeping you busy. Your input will be highly appreciated.

You can find more information via this link (Dutch): http://exact.nl/nl/nl/action/roundtable/

If you’re not a freelancer but know freelancers that might be interested, please forward this information to them.

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Comments (3)

  • Sebastiaan Barlo


    Dear Exact Software,

    A good idea to think about developing commercial products for freelancers.
    At the same time it would be a good idea to embrace the freelancers in the Exact Software hemisphere as well. I’ve been talking to Eric van Schijndel about this for a while.
    The current partner policies of Exact Software don’t support independent operating professionals like myself that are only delivering services and sell an occasional additional module.
    If you’d be willing to organize a meeting with freelancers in the world of Exact Software I’ll be present and I know some other freelancers that would like to join.

    Kind regards,

    Sebastiaan Barlo


  • Frustrated!


    Dear Exact

    I would like to endorse the comments by Sebastiaan. Why does Exact alienate those independents outside of the Dutch market that can help Exact expand its market share and profile? Many times I have been in a position whereby I could sell the Exact brand but because of Exact’s politics I cannot.

    We are all in it together and although I appreciate that Exact has a unique standing with wholly own subsidiaries throughout the world, its position in the ERP market can be enhanced if it works with independents.

    If Exact arrange a meeting at Delft then I will also be there!


  • Ronald Voets


    Hi Sebastiaan Barlo and ‘Frustrated’, thank for your comments. We would like to get in contact with you to learn from your experiences and assess how we could improve that part of our company’s processes. If you could send me an email at ronald.voets@exact.com then i’ll make the arrangements.


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