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Survival of the Sexiest

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

We are entering a new world with new success factors. Rajesh Patel mentioned, during the Exact Partner Conference, ‘the survival of the sexiest’. It’s not about sophisticated functionality anymore, but it’s about convenience. In earlier articles about Functions & Features versus User Experience and Is Simplicity the new Gold I already wrote about this. It’s a trend that will change the way we look at business automation. Features versus User Experience needs to be balanced very carefully. You can clearly see this in the Featuritis Curve.

We currently make significant investments into knowledge, expertise and research towards improved User Experiences. This is also why we are, and I admit late, working on multi-browser support and a mobile web application for Exact Synergy Enterprise. I’m very interested to learn your emotional experiences with our solutions.

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  • Robert Klein


    In anticipation of our next release of Synergy Enterprise, customers have been calling me…they have ditched their old phones for new ones. Droid, iPhones etc.


  • Martijn Logtenberg


    I already comment on linkedin on the neccessity of the multi browser. While MS Internet explorer is losing market share and other browsers are gaining market share. This development is in my opinion good.

    Good luck and succes, I hope these devellopments will be introduced quickly 🙂



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