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Five highlights of the product update 243 of Exact Synergy Enterprise

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Almost four months of development are over: product update 243 of Exact Synergy Enterprise is ready to enter the controlled release.

Product management has covered a lot of ground with this product update, and we think that this is the best product update we have built so far. While working on every piece of functionality, we kept asking ourselves one question: “What is the value of of this for the customer and for the end users?”.

Now we want to convince you and to hear your feedback. So, what can you do with the product update 243 of Exact Synergy Enterprise?

Make Synergy workflow speak the customer’s language via customizable request step names and statuses

Customer’s users don’t understand why Synergy does not call things as they are in their everyday work? Do they feel confused when they are forced to approve, realize and process requests, when they want to submit memos for review, analyze and sign off? In Synergy 243 request step names and statuses can be renamed and translated into other languages for everyone to understand.

Read more in the release note…

Administer your project smoothly using the time & billing solution

Everything is a project in your company? Do you need to plan people, define project budgets and rates, track booked hours and travel expenses and invoice them back to the clients? Synergy 243 gives you the basic toolset to keep your project administration under control.

Read more in the release note…

React fast to important changes via notifications about updated requests

A colleague asked you to keep an eye on a request in Synergy and update her once it is completed? Before this product update you had to check manually from time to time, but now you can simply mark any request and get notified immediately if it changes.

Read more in the release note…

Take your business with you wherever you go with Synergy mobile

Sales executives and account managers don’t need to go back to their laptops anymore to find account details, see pending activities and opportunities or review the list of tasks to do. It is all available now on any modern smart phone via a browser.

Read more in the release note or in this post…

Make better decisions and keep all KPIs under control via integration with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Are you an HRM manager in the need of convenient dashboard that shows all KPIs you are accountable for? Are you a sales manager who requires detailed reports about the pipeline? A general manager overseeing results of departments in several countries? If you need structured information about your business delivered to you daily and shared with the others, integration with MS SQL Reporting Services will quench your thirst.
Read more in the release note or in this post

The release notes will only be available to the existing Exact Synergy Enterprise customers until the end of the controlled release. But in the coming weeks we will post in-depth articles about each of these highlights.

Stay tuned!

Comments (4)

  • Exact User


    Nice post but would nice if we were able to at least get access to read the release notes! When will they be available????


  • Vladimir Bataev


    Indeed, release notes are not yet available to the public and will be published when the product update becomes generally available.
    However, please post further questions either here or send them directly to me.


  • Robert Klein


    I cannot wait to show of these new features at Exact Engage 2010 Orlando Florida. I think we will be able to take advantage of the Workflow renaming and SQL Server Reporting Services integration for many customer facing compliance issues – ISO, SOX, HIPAA, and FDA.


  • Petr Marc


    These are great improvements and I look forward to give them a real (understand: real life) test!


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