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Technology and trend adoption: product update 395 is now available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Today is an extremely exciting day for us at Exact. Together with our 25th anniversary we have launched a brand strategy and visual identity, a new corporate website and we have adopted ‘Exact’ as our new company name. More information about that is to be found in the Exact anniversary blog post that is published today.
At the Exact product organization we have made product 395 for Exact Globe also generally available today. For you that means that you can benefit from lots of new functionality and new possibilities.
First of all, as of this product update Exact Globe is officially certified for Windows 7. So if you have to buy new notebooks or pc’s for your organization, or if you want to upgrade the machines you currently have: Exact Globe supports the ‘latest and greatest’ Microsoft operating system. We are not going to tell you why you should consider Windows 7, as Microsoft can explain the benefits of Windows 7 much better than we do. One feature we do want to highlight: we have made the new Windows jumplist to work perfectly together with Exact Globe.

If you are a user of the E-Report module in Exact Globe, you are for sure going to benefit from Crystal Reports XI. This is our new reporting engine for Exact Globe E-Report, offering easier report design, simplified report maintenance and expanded data access. Every customer with an active maintenance agreement for E-Report will receive a DVD with the Crystal Reports XI software. Important: For E-Report users it is mandatory to install Crystal Reports XI together with product update 395.

Electronic Invoicing is a hot topic at the moment: it saves you the costs and efforts of printing and sending physical invoices, it saves your customers the costs of entering invoices in their bookkeeping systems and without using paper, ink and transportation services it also saves the environment. Product update 395 offers customers in the Netherlands and Belgium the opportunity to send invoices electronically. Electronic Invoicing currently supports exchanging invoices between Exact solutions and during this introduction period the use of this new service is free.

Under the hood, we have also done quite some efforts to improve the performance of Exact Globe. The degree of improvement you will notice is influenced by a lot of factors in your hardware and software. We are however proud to let you know that we received very positive feedback during the controlled release phase from both our partners and customers.
More information about product update 395 can be found in the release notes. Please let us know your experiences with product update 395.


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