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Looking for Someone? Contact is a Mouse Click Away

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Do you need a document approved quickly? Or what about that pool car you need in an hour for an urgent visit to your customer? Do you want to call an emergency meeting with your project team or just want to invite someone to lunch in a few minutes? One of the biggest efficiency boosters to come our way recently is the new presence control in Exact Synergy Enterprise update 242. With the presence control you can see exactly who’s available to help you out, and even better, contacting them is just a mouse click away.

Real-time intelligence
The presence control allows you to make intelligent decisions about whom to communicate with and about which medium is best, because it offers you real-time information about the availability of your colleagues. Screenshot OCS in action

So getting back to that document or request that needs quick approval. When your document is “pending” you can now see which of the approvers is available to act. A green presence “bubble” next to the name means the resource is available. By hovering over the bubble you’ll see some information about the person, like their availability status, job title, e-mail address and scheduling information. When you click on the bubble, you can select the means by which you want to communicate and even initiate the communication from there. If you want to send an e-mail, just click on the icon and an e-mail message will be created.

OCS in action again

You’ll benefit in the same way when you want to call an emergency meeting with your project team. Look up your project team members and see who’s available, click on their bubble, and invite them immediately using the means most appropriate for their current presence status.


How does the system know?

The presence information you see in Exact Synergy Enterprise represents a combination of a user’s availability and his/her willingness to communicate. Availability is aggregated on the Office Communication Server. To represent the user’s overall presence state, the system uses the state manually set by the user (do not disturb, away, etc.), the machine’s state [briefly inactive (temporarily not typing) or away for longer (like a lunch break)], the calendar’s state (based on the user’s Microsoft Exchange calendar) and the phone state (busy or not busy).  

It’s very important to realize that in order for the presence functionality to work for you, a few basic requirements have to be met.

  • Have Microsoft Office installed
  • Have Microsoft Office Communicator installed and RUNNING!
  • Include your Exact Synergy Enterprise website among your list of trusted sites within your Internet Explorer settings

Finally: start to enjoy the benefits of presence functionality!

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Comments (2)

  • Robert Klein


    I am using OCS now on a daily basis and it saves me time by calling people only if they are available. I can also quickly send Instant Message. I am also using the Office Communicator App to group my colleagues by departments or job function, so I can quickly see who is available on my team. Saving OCS communication history in Outlook is also very helpful. I am now using Skype less and less for chat.


  • radu adrian iovescu


    We are using OCS both for chat and voice. In Lync Communicator we would like to have incoming call screen popup with data from Synergy, is that possible or is it on your roadmap?


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