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Email your expense claim to Synergy Enterprise

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

I am at the airport and just finished my steak when I receive the bill. After I pay the bill, I make a photo of it with my mobile and send it to expenseclaim@mycompany.com. Within a minute, I receive an email message that informs me that an expense claim is created in Synergy Enterprise with the bill linked to it.

This is just an example of a business case we want to support. Of course the bill can also be a visit report that you send to visitreport@mycompany.com or a quotation you send to a customer and CC to quotation@mycompany.com. Another scenario is that information entered on a website is send to a mailbox info@mycompany.com. All email messages here result in request for the sales inside department.

Hopefully these examples give you an idea of the solution we want to offer. With this solution you can define action per email address: created request X and/or document type Y for every incoming email. The request and/or document is email address specific, so an email received at info@mycompany.com can result in an ‘Information request’ where an email received at expenseclaim@mycompany.com can result in an ‘Expense claim request’ with the bill linked to it.

Before we offer this functionality to all our customers, we want to start with a small group of customers to work with it. Together with this group we can evaluate the solution.

Are you interested in joining this small group of customers, please let me know and send me an email: martin.ortgiess@exactsoftware.com.

If you have any questions are feedback on this article, please leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!

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Comments (3)

  • Anon


    This sounds interesting, however already have Orbis Task Centre doing this for my administration!!..


  • Hans van Essen


    Nice features!

    But this piece of technology already exists.

    Take a look at: http://www.optimizers.nl/optimizers/SynergyMail.html

    We support unlimited of such profiles to be created, including storing or archving mail (including attachments) and creation of workflows with attachments linked to it.

    Can for example also be used to directly start a workflow when a customers mails to support@yourcompany.com
    including the original mail as an attachment.


  • Barry van der Meij


    Great that when functionality will be built. Other tooling also provides functionality for this but customers always have to purchase additional tooling for it, this tooling has to be maintained, installed and for example with an update you will always have risks.

    For that reason I am enthusiastic about these plans.

    I would like to add some things to it, next to mailing to synergy it would be very usefull to mail from synergy and not by using the mail merge functionality.

    The mail merge functionality asks the user to push the button and take action before an e-mail is sent. It would be a great addition to be able to maintain business rules base don which mail merges will be sent automatically.

    Business rule:
    When a new support request is created send a single mail merge to the mail address of the contact person filled in in the request by using mail merge template XXX.
    This functionality should be based on all available entities in the software.


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