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Improving performance of Exact Globe: customer feedback

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

In an earlier post I wrote about the changes Exact has made in Exact Globe product update 395, in order to improve performance. Currently, this product update is under Controlled release and running in a live environment at selected customers.

One of Exact’s largest Globe customers in terms of number of users (>200), transactions and database size has been running live with product update 395 for a few weeks and we asked them for their feedback on the performance. Here’s the result they gave us:

  • Performance improvement General ledger card: 100% (twice as fast)
  • Performance of the opening balance calculation in the bank journal: 100%
  • Performance improvement debtor/creditor card: 100%
  • Performance improvement stock positions overview: 100%
  • Performance improvement in logistics in general: 100%
  • Overall performance improvement: 70%

Especially the last percentage is encouraging because it shows users notice an overall improvement of the system’s responsiveness. We’re very interested in more feedback on customer’s experiences with 395 and are gathering that continuously. If you have any experiences with 395 or feedback on this topic, feel free to comment.

Disclaimer: Any of the performance results indicated are the result for this  customer’s situation. There is no guarantee that similar results can be realized on a different database using another client, server and network configuration.

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Comments (2)

  • Barry van der Meij


    Since 2 weeks we are working with release 395 of Exact Globe. We are Nobel, Exact partner in the Netherlands. Our Globe database has a size of 120 GB and stores data from 1-1-2007 untill now.
    Our SQL Server has 32 GB of memory and is dedicated for our Exact Globe databases.

    Normally we have 20-30 users simultaneously using Exact Globe (with peaks to 40 at month end closing) and the performance improvements are quite impressive at first glance. General Ledger Cards, A/R Cards and A/P Cards as well as stock overviews and order entry have really improved a lot. Our users were glad to tell that.

    Nice side effect is that our SQL Server is a lot less busy so the memory can be used for situations when its needed.

    Before this update we used tooling to dynamically create indexes on tables on which the standard indexes were not sufficient. This tooling caused the database to grow really fast which caused all kinds of challenges for backup etc. Because of the improvements in this release we do not use and need this tooling anymore.

    One thing which still can be improved is the performance of the interactive P&L and balance sheet, our finance department do not experience improvements here.

    Keep up the good work and continue using these technologies to improve customer satisfaction!


  • Ivan Pudic


    Which version of Windows and SQL are you guys running?


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