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Some tips to run Exact Synergy as well as Exact Synergy Enterprise on a Vista machine

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

On my Windows Vista machine I run Exact Synergy Enterprise locally. Today I tried to install Exact Synergy (ASP version) on the same machine as well. It was only with the help from some development colleagues and extensive analysis, that we got this working. Here’s 3 topics that ‘did the trick’.

1.       When you start the Productupdater to download the Synergy targets to your local machine, make sure to start it with the parameter /Nocheck=1. So i.e. Start>>Run>> “C:\Users\voet1108\Desktop\SynergyProductUpdater.exe” /nocheck=1

Fill in a different virtual directory for your Synergy installation. I used SynergyASP as virtual directory name

2.       Go to control panel>>programs and features>>Turn Windows features on or off. Now make sure you enable “ASP” in the following path:


3.       Go to Administrative tools>>IIS


4.       Click on ASP and enable parent paths

Good luck!

if you have anymore tips on this same topic, please leave a comment.


Photo credit: William Hook

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Comments (2)

  • Andre Speek


    Good tip Ronald. There is also a document by Vladimir Bataev (17.688.814, available for partners also), that has some very useful tips to get Enterprise running on Vista.


  • Ronald Voets


    Thanks Andre for pointing out that document. Just to be sure: running Exact Synergy Enterprise on Vista can be done for test or demo purposes.It’s not supported as a live production server environment.


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