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New report engine for Exact Globe product update 395

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

As of product update 395 the reporting engine for Exact Globe will be Crystal reports XI. From the start of Exact Globe the reporting engine used was Crystal reports 8.5. With this upgrade we and all e-report users can make use of all the new features in Crystal reports XI like dynamic and cascading prompts, HTML preview, dynamic image location, editable RTF format and intelligent charting. This upgrade also ensures we are up to date with the new technology in Crystal reports and users  can be sure they are working on a version that is also supported by Crystal reports in the future.

The upgrade process to the new version is very simple for the standard reports in Exact Globe: just update the normal way and all standard reports are upgraded to the new report engine.

All users of e-report, the module that provides the abilty to create your own Crystal reports in Globe, will have their own customized reports. We have developed a simple tool to convert these reports to Crystal XI in one go, you just need to know in which folder you keep your own reports:

Convert small

Crystal reports is one of the most used professional reporting tool.  So users without e-report in Exact Globe may still have Crystal reports provided to them via consultants, solution providers, custom solutions etcetera. When these reports make use of the report engine in Exact Globe these reports have to be converted also. Again the same tool can be used, without the need of installing a copy of Crystal reports.

Upgrading to new technology can be a challenge but with this upgrade we think we have made it as simple as possible!

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