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Product update 394 of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy now in Controlled Release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As of today, product update 394 of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy is in controlled release. That means this release is now available for resellers as well as all controlled release customers that participate in the controlled release of product update 394.

This product update is the 3rd already in 2009, see also our recent post on the release planning, and  offers lots of new functionality. First of all, there is the introduction of a new module: E-Charges & discounts.This new Exact Globe module offers functionality to automatically add discounts or charges; a certain fee on top of the normal sales price to cover order costs, legal obligations like environmental taxes or fees for certain transportation packaging (like pallets, wrap paper, plastic etc).

Product update 394 also offers enhancements to Exact Globe in the field of blanket sales orders, as well as an interface with  Dun & Bradstreet to retrieve D&B’s address data or risk profiles. Moreover, a new connectivity layer between Exact Globe and Pervasive Data Integrator (PDI), marks the first step for Exact Globe towards increased connectivity via PDI as well as a first step in creating a successor for the current integrated scenario of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy.

To further strengthen the offering of Exact Globe’s for the American market, several new functionalities have been introduced like a new module E-Shipping Manifest/Starship, Support for Credit card processing and enhanced EDI integration.

For an overview of all other big and small enhancements of product update 394, please have a look at the release notes.

For both Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, all timely reported high and urgent bug reports as well as a number of medium bug reports is fixed.

For more information, please leave a comment or contact Ronald Voets

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