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Feedback on enabling OCS Presence within Synergy Enterprise

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

 For the upcoming new product update 242 of Exact Synergy Enterprise we will, amongst others, deliver the integration of Office Communication Server (OCS) within Synergy Enterprise. The goal is to enable OCS presence within Synergy Enterprise in order to enhance collaboration and improve Synergy Enterprise as the central information point.

You might recognize OCS presence as the icon in Windows Messenger showing whether a person is available or not, like:  aa-iconMartin Ortgiess.

From here, you can start up a communication via instant message, call, LiveMeeting or other methods based on the presence of that person. Starting a conversation is only one click away:


Communication methods OCS presence

Note that the communication methods available are dependent of the OCS implementation.

Presence within Synergy Enterprise is not new. This functionality is available since the beginning of the product. Every Synergy Enterprise user will recognize this iconmonitor. It shows how long ago the user has logged into Synergy Enterprise.

Where OCS presence is based on information from Microsoft  Exchange Server, usage of keyboard and other devices, the current Exact Synergy presence is based only on the last action of a user in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Where OCS presence has multiple statuses of presence, current presence is logged in not longer than hour ago, or logged in longer than hour ago.


OCS statuses of presence

Enabling OCS presence within Synergy Enterprise is a setting. Activating this setting will directly show OCS presence of users within Synergy Enterprise. OCS presence will not only be available on those places where the monitor was shown, but also in other screens like the resource card and in the requests. By enabling OCS presence, the old ‘monitor’ will not be available anymore.

aa_screen3 Example of OCS presence of resource card in Synergy Enterprise

Via this post I hope to get more feedback on especially this part. Should the current presence indicator (presented by monitor) remain available when OCS presence is activated? With OCS presence much more functionality is offered. The field on the resource card, showing the last action of the user remains available.

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Comments (2)

  • Barry


    Hi Martin,

    Integrating with microsoft platforms is a wish I have for quite a long time, this would be great.

    What I am interested in is the way this system will present the presence, microsoft has implemented this with integration of your outlook calender. In Synergy we also have appointments and in workflow definition we can define whether or not a person is available during this appointment, so I would suggest to adopt this method.

    The user should be able to modify this status because, as we all know, appointments do not allways represent the reality.

    Next question is whether or not a user needs Microsoft OCS R2 installed to be able to use or is Exact going to integrate some software with which IM is possible without having to implement Microsoft OCS / LM.

    I think building in an engine which does not need the OCS client would very mutch help in adopting this technology in Exact’s market, allthough if the customer has implemented OCS this would be the engine to run this functionality.

    Great functionality, next thing is similar calender functionality as in outlook with the advantage of adding meta data and workflow as we know in synergy which would be great!!

    Compliments on this product blog, it finally gives an insight in de development project Exact is working on.


  • Andre Speek


    Hi Martin,

    I was ‘confused’ at first because I was already thinking of the In/Out-of-Office indicator that shows if someone is present in the office or not. What you are refering to is the Activity indicator. The Activity Indicator can IMHO be removed if OCS is enabled, the Presence Indicator that shows In/Out-of-Office should remain available.

    Reason for this is that the Activity Indicator and OCS represent quite the same thing, but the Presence Indicator and OCS are 2 different things. The current Presence Indicator gives insight if someone is in or out-of-office. Being available online does not tell anything about the location. Depending on the case, one of them is used. For example, if I need some feedback from one of my developers, I’d look for the online availability. If I need a consultant to install something on a local PC, I’d look for one who is actually in the building.

    Still, the OSC Indicator makes it easy to communicate directly to the resource, making it quite easy to ask if he/she is available.




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