Avoid ‘gaps’ when deleting an invoice

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Deleting an invoice that already has an invoice number assigned to it could result in ‘gaps’ in your invoice numbering. With the invoice setting ‘Delete invoices with invoice numbers assigned’, you can indicate whether invoices with an invoice number can be deleted.

The setting relates to sales invoices (including direct invoices, credit invoices and POS invoices). When this setting is checked and the user has the function right ‘Delete invoices’, then this user can delete invoices including the invoices that already have an invoice number assigned.

When this option is unchecked and the user has the function right ‘Delete invoices’, then this user can only delete invoices that have no invoice number assigned. In that case, the button ‘Delete’ will not be active in the following screens:

  • [Invoice, Entries, Invoices]
  • [Invoice, Entries, Authorise]
  • [Invoice, Entries, Direct invoices]

Invoices that have been printed final can never be deleted regardless of whether this setting has been checked or not.


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  • Dave Kickken


    Can you add an extra log with reason for deleting invoices like sales orders.

    I have a case in which the accountant wants to have sales order numbers logged. All ‘gaps’ should be explained.

    Currently we can not explain the deleting open invoices. No log file is created. But every invoices is consuming a sales ordernumber.


  • Irene Nuijten


    Dear Dave,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding this subject. For this suggestion, a Solution Feedback-request can be created to register this. Would you, as a reseller, be able to create this yourself? Then it is possible to enter this request for the specific customer you mentioned.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Irene Nuijten


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