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In Exact Globe Next, you can make use of free fields. These free fields can be used to place information for which the standard fields are not sufficient.

For instance, in debtor maintenance you can add a free field that you can use to indicate that this debtor should receive a Christmas card. In order to make the free field available, you should first activate this via [System, General, Free fields]. Here, you will select the language ‘English’ and the table ‘Accounts’. You will now see all available free fields that are available for the accounts. Various types of free fields are possible. In this example, we will use a field of the type ‘YesNo’. You select the line and by using the button ‘Open’, you can name the free field. This is the name that will later be visible in the software. We will call this field ‘Christmas card?’.

In the debtor maintenance, you will be able to recover the free field ‘Christmas card?’ on the tab ‘Extra’. By checking the field, you can indicate that this debtor should receive a Christmas card.

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