Tip: Do not copy the description of a purchase and sales entry

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While entering purchase and sales entries, the description of the header is always copied from the previous entry you have entered for that debtor or creditor. This way, you can make sure that you use the field ‘Description’ the same way.

However, not all situations require a description to be filled in the entry. In that case, you need to delete the already filled in description every time. In order to offer you more control over the filled in or not filled in description, it is possible to indicate via the column setting ‘Copy description from previous entry’ whether you would like to leave the description of the header empty by default or if you wish to copy it from the previous entry for that debtor/creditor.

With the option ‘Always’, the description is copied from the previous entry of that same debtor/creditor. With the option ‘Never’, the description is empty by default. If so desired, you could always edit the description while entering.

This setting can be approached as follows:

  • Go to menu [Finance, Entries, Purchase] for the purchase entries or go to [Finance, Entries, Sales] for the sales entries.
  • Click ‘New’ to open the entry screen.
  • Click the icon ‘Format columns’ in the entry.
  • Make a choice for ‘Copy description from previous entry’.
  • Close the entry screen.

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  • Christiaan


    Waarom wordt dit op maandag 6 januari 2014 als tip gemaild terwijl de tip al heel oud is?


  • Marcel Thijssen


    We zijn bezig om een aantal oudere posts tevens in het Engels beschikbaar te maken. Deze posts worden nu pas geplaatst maar krijgen de oorspronkelijke datum mee.


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