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Improved matching of advance payments when processing (online) sales orders.

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Online sales often starts with an advance payment. Payment Service Providers, who facilitate an electronic payment when submitting selected products from out of a shopping cart in a webshop, provide a reference that can be used for matching incoming statements after delivering the goods and processing the sale.

Currently such a reference can be stored in a sales order, but is lacking a dedicated place to be used to optimize the matching process. Exact Online  will soon offer a dedicated place for a payment reference in a Sales order, that will be transferred via Goods delivery to a Sales invoice and an Outstanding item in the Financial administration where it can easily be recognized and matched with statements coming in.

This functionality is expected to become available within Sales orders in the coming weeks for customers using Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Exact Online Manufacturing. Customers using an Exact Online Accounting edition that includes Sales invoices will be able to add a payment reference in the Sales invoice.







Avoid stock quantities from going NEGATIVE in Exact Online.

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

In a world where customer service is key you must be able to rely on the number of products on stock when making commitments towards your customers. Regular counting of products in your warehouse will for sure help, but differences are not always noted in time. It is therefore that Exact Online will soon also enable you to block any delivery of products when it would lead to a negative quantity in stock. As stock levels can physically not become negative it is a true indicator that the system is out of sync with reality.

Forecast your subscription business using MRR – part 2

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online offers all-in one business software in the cloud including CRM, accounting and subscription management. It is designed to support subscription-run businesses in helping them to manage their customers, recurring billings and subscription analytics. In an earlier post we wrote about our objective better support our subscription-run customers in measuring the growth of their subscription business.  In this post we discuss two new improvements made.

Enhancements for Purchasing on the Shop Order

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

Production materials that are purchased for a specific shop order may be assigned a manually entered purchase price. This price can now be used in the creation of the purchase orders, eliminating the need to create separate item codes for one-off components.

New feature in purchase materials (from shop order)

We assume that the material lines in the shop order have been entered with a cost that deviates from the (standard) purchase price from the linked supplier. When we choose to purchase materials from the shop order, we will view the Shop orders | Purchase advice screen. On this screen, a toggle Item prices, Assign item price by: Shop order material (or Supplier) has been added:


(Click to enlarge)

When we choose the option “Shop order material”, the manual prices are suggested for the purchase. When we choose “Supplier”, the prices of the item by supplier are suggested. In case we choose “Shop order materials”, the “Combine like requirements” option is disabled.

With the choice “Shop order materials”, the manual prices inherit to the purchase order:


(Click to enlarge)

The prices used in the purchase order will influence the Projected cost price. Please note that the valuation of the issue transactions (assumed: standard costing) is based on the item cost prices. The Cost overview and Shop order results overview will display the manual prices as Planned cost and the prices of the purchase invoice as Actual cost:


(Click to enlarge)

This enhancement has been released for Manufacturing Basic and Manufacturing Advanced.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

From a tablet into the cloud: smart industry on the shop floor

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Common practice in many manufacturing companies is to collect shop floor data on time and material consumption to achieve an accurate product costing and to monitor progress. Often, this progress is recorded in writing on the shop paper, or entered on a shared terminal supported by a barcode reader. Where a written record leads to delayed entry and inaccuracies, a shared terminal with barcodes still depends on paper.


Mobile invoicing for Exact Online for iPad

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

You want to be able to bill your customers as soon as the job is done. Check or view your sent invoices, in a simple way, whenever and wherever you want. This will save you time, you will always be up to date and you will build a reputation with your customers because of the accurate invoice. No discussion on what has been invoiced, it was created on the spot. And as a result  your invoices will be paid faster.

Avoid losing revenues on your service contracts

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Offering service contracts offers opportunities to retain clients and to monetize on their recurring service needs. As a company you benefit from having a fixed monthly, quarterly or yearly recurring service income. However, many firms lack visibility on whether they make money on these service contracts. How much money did we make on our service contracts? Did we sell the right contract? As a service provider you want to make money on your service contracts and prevent revenue leakage due to over-servicing and budget overruns.

Now in controlled release in Exact Online Project & Contract Management
Exact Online supports subscription run business by offering an all-in one solution including subscription management, CRM, projects and accounting. We now facilitate companies selling services using service or support contracts. Your employees can now easily track their time against subscriptions. Per subscription you can track actual billable work (based on hour & cost entries) versus. actual invoiced per period. Helping you to avoid losing revenues or identify opportunities to upsell your clients to higher value service contracts.


The screenshot above shows an example of a such a service contract. It is an annual contract where the client is invoiced a fixed monthly fee of 100 eur. The realizations overview shows that to date the client is over-serviced, as the sell-value of hour & cost entries exceeds the invoiced value.

Service contracts are available in Exact Online Project & Contract Management. Next to service contracts this product facilitates extensive capabilities for managing subscriptions and recurring revenues.  We are currently in controlled release. For more information, please contact remco.kroes@exact.com





Accountant: invite your client to subscribe Exact Online

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online introduces an easy way for accountants to recommend Exact Online. A new overview is added to the new ‘Accountancy Dashboard’ and ‘My Exact Online’.

Why? To enable the advising role, we help accountants to invite non-existing Exact Online customers to subscribe Exact Online. By this innovation accountants are able to strengthen their customer relationship and online collaboration which is part of the Exact Accountancy Partner Program.

What? Accountants are able to invite non-existing Exact Online customers for a trial or commercial subscription of Exact Online Accounting  or Industry Solutions.

Subscription wizard

The recommendation of Exact Online can be based on the following scenario’s:

  1. entrepreneur is able to subscribe Exact Online which is invoiced to the accountant. The offering via the accountant can be based on his own price condition.
  2. entrepreneur is able to take a trial on Exact Online which is invoiced to the accountant. The offering via the accountant can be based on his own price condition.
  3. entrepreneur is able to take a trial on Exact Online which is invoiced to entrepreneur. He is direct linked after subscription with accountant.
  4. entrepreneur is able to subscribe Exact Online which is invoiced to entrepreneur. He is direct linked with accountant.

How does it work? Via the ‘Accountancy Dashboard’ or ‘My Exact Online’ the accountant has an overview of the linked clients on an Exact Online product-level. By using the invitation button a wizard help the accountant to select the product, kind of contract and invoice debtor.

The accountant is able to personalize the invitation and send it to the client. When subscribing the accountant and client are direct linked.

This innovation is available via Early access for all users of Exact Online Accountancy in all countries .