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Better manage projects, capacity and utilization

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Last year a journey was started to enhance the getting started process and main process flows in Exact Online accounting. Among the first deliverables was a re-designed dashboard – designed with the need in mind to easier manage day-to-day tasks and have immediate insight in the financials of your company.  For professional services firms, we want to continue this journey and provide our users with a central starting point to manage key activities within these firms. Helping them to get started quickly and better manage their projects, resource capacity and billable utilization.

Mail2ExactOnline: store your documents in Exact Online by mail

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

mail2eol - stockTo be able to work as efficient as possible Exact Online already offers a lot of features like scan & recognise, bank connections and template management. By introducing Mail2ExactOnline another milestone has been achieved: store (batches of) invoices, mails and documents in Exact Online by e-mail.

Why? Many multi-functional printers have nowadays the option to mail scanned documents. As well more and more invoices are received electronic (PDF) and mail. Currently Exact Online users need to download documents before uploading in Exact Online.

By the introduction of Mail2ExactOnline, the ease to add (batches of) invoices, mails and documents in Exact Online will increase significant. This innovation enables accountants and their clients to automate the entry process furthermore and to store mails and documents in the dossier in an ease way.

What? By introducing Mail2ExactOnline accountants and entrepreneurs can send all kind of documents, invoices and receipts by mail or via the multi-functional printers direct to the digital postbox of Exact Online.

When the scan & recognise service has been activated purchase and sales invoices are automatically transferred to the service. CRM-related documents, like proposals, mails, contracts etc., are direct allocated to the supplier or customer card in Exact Online.

When? Mail2ExactOnline is available via Controlled Release. As an Exact Online client it is easy to participate. Please setup a request to participate via My Exact Communication in Exact Online and this innovation will be activated in your license.


Generate Delivery notes for a selection of Sales orders in one go!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Wholesale Distributors that are processing high volumes of (small) sales orders that are entered based on availability of products might want to generate delivery notes for multiple orders in one go. Think about companies that process orders that have been entered via a B2B or B2C Web shop, where they are only accepted when sufficient products are available.

Order controlled filter in shop order purchase order advice and issue materials

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


It is important for manufacturers to manage capital expenditure to inventories. A certain class of materials should only be purchased when there is an order requirement (order controlled), while only frequently used materials may be stocked up (stock controlled). A new filter has been added to the shop order purchase advice screen and the shop order issue materials screen to support this purpose.

Improvements to Manufacturing Time Entry

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Recording time spent on the shop floor is important for updating the planning and supports actual job costing. Exact Online Manufacturing currently provides for a time entry screen for the shop floor operator and a time approval screen for the manager. We have recently made enhancements to the time transactions process and have released a REST API to create time transactions. This REST API is available to partners who develop shop floor time entry applications.

A new entry screen for your sales and purchase invoices!

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

We never stop working on a better experience for you. One year ago we introduced a new purchase and sales entry screen in Early Access and with the feedback we received from thousands of users, we improved the screen to make it even easier and faster.

Because this screen is the most often used of all screens in Exact Online, we were extra careful with making changes. We regularly validated the changes with users to make sure that they could get used to the changes fast.

Document and entry in the same screen

More and more invoices are sent by e-mail. You can now easily drag and drop or upload the invoices and enter them in the same screen. This will allow you to view your document and enter your data at the same time! You can also adjust the position of the attachment or if you work with two screens, show it on a different screen. If you are using Scan and recognize: you will be working with the same new entry screen. An efficient way of working!

Easy expand and collapse

The various sections in the header of the entry screen can be expanded or collapsed. Some information, like entry data, does not always have to be adjusted, therefore this section could be collapsed. Collapsing sections will make the creation of entries a lot faster because there is no need to go through all the fields anymore.

Create a customer/supplier right on the spot

From now on it is possible to create a new customer or supplier during the creation of entries! Just start typing and the option to create a new account pops up in the same screen!

And there is more…

You can save default values (G/L account, VAT code and payment condition) of your accounts in this new entry screen. Using this function is optional, just disable it in the customize section of your screen if you prefer not to use it. And of course, you will keep your current customized screen settings.

More information
This new screen is already available in Early Access. Have a look now via [My Exact Online – Early Access]. We value your feedback!


If you have any feedback on this upcoming innovation just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Judith van Wissen (Judith.van.wissen@exact.com).


Enhancements to planned dates for shop order materials

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


By default, we assume that all materials required for a shop order must be available before production starts. The planned date for the materials is derived from the planned date of the shop order (‘delivery date’) and the lead time of the bill-of-materials version. When the supplier informs us that his delivery is late, we should update the planned date. This so-called closed loop has now been implemented in Exact Online Manufacturing.

Material availability signal on the shop order

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Common attention points before a shop order is released to the floor include a check on the availability of capacity, and a check on the availability of the material. For the material we differentiate between order controlled materials (those that we need to purchase for this shop order), and non-order controlled materials (those that we issue from stock and replenish based on re-order policies). Material is available if the order controlled materials have been received, and if we have sufficient stock of non-order controlled materials.