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Exact for Manufacturing Innovation: Support for Autodesk Fusion 360 Drawings

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


We recently announced support for viewing (cloud) CAD drawings in Exact for Manufacturing. It is possible to specify a URL with each bill-of-materials version that will be inherited with each shop order pointing to a cloud drawing. By clicking this link, a browser or app will open showing the drawing. We are now supporting Autodesk Fusion 360 drawings.


Find the right product in your Item catalog by scanning it’s Barcode in Exact Online for ANDROID!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

As a Wholesale Distributor, knowing your products, prices and availability is key to make a sale. Having a catalog at hand offering this information in real time is a necessity no sales rep can do without these days. But what happens when the assortment is large or items are very much alike? You do not want to struggle finding products or make mistakes as your prospected customer expects a direct answer.

After a first introduction on the iPhone a few months ago, scanning a product barcode to find the right item in the item catalog of Exact Online is now also available for ANDROID users. 


Improved flexibility to manage your subscriptions

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Ongoing customer relationships are, by definition, the lifeblood of any subscription-based business. You can only grow by acquiring new customers, upgrading existing customers, and most of all preventing customers from cancelling (‘churning’) or downgrading their subscriptions. Customer needs, however, may change over time. Your customers might need more, less or they might request for different add-ons, products or services. They don’t want to pay for services they do not use any more. Offering your customers with options to easily make changes to their existing (and invoiced) subscriptions can help you to increase customer loyalty and revenues.

Exact for Manufacturing Innovation: Smart Shop Floor material management for Premium

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In November 2016 we started with the controlled release of Smart Shop Floor material management. We have been supporting the Basic and Advanced editions of Exact for Manufacturing: without (Basic) and with (Advanced) serial/batch numbers. For the Premium edition we also had to support flexible use of storage locations. We are now bringing this part in controlled release.

Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Fixed days for operations

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Manufacturing operations tend to require more process time with increasing order size. There are however processes that have a fixed duration: fermenting beer or dough, ripening cheese, and letting paint dry. Fermenting, ripening or drying happens unattended and is not influenced by opening hours, weekends or holidays. Exact for Manufacturing already supported fixed duration operations in minutes and hours, obeying opening hours and weekends. We have now introduced fixed duration operations measured in days that take 24 hours each day.

Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Cost Breakdown in the BOM

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The bill-of-materials (BOM) in Exact for Manufacturing has separate screens to maintain materials and routing. To understand the contribution of materials and routing to the total (calculated) cost price, one has to view both screens. A recent enhancement shows a summary of total material cost, inside routing and outside routing in base currency and in percentage of total cost price.

Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Net weight calculation in the BOM

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

netweight-000bWhen we specify a bill of materials each of the components could add to the weight of the product. While all of the required data, like the net weight of each component, is available in Exact for Manufacturing, it proved difficult to combine it into a total net weight for each product. A new enhancement makes it easy to calculate weight.

Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Planned time support for schedulers

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The smallest time bucket in Exact for Manufacturing is a day. All activities, from orders to shop floor operations, may be assigned a date (like a delivery date or an operation start date) but not a specific time. When we connect with production schedulers we will be able to refine our planning with specific times. We are now supporting that the planned time is stored in Exact for Manufacturing, and is displayed in overviews and on the shop paper.