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Support for Windows Server 2003 will be discontinued as of product update 409 and 254

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

To provide you a great user experience Exact products use the newest technologies. To support these new technologies the system requirements are revised regularly when releasing a new product update. This is also the case for product update 409 and 254. As of product update 409 and 254 the system requirements will change. For instance, the installation of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 will be a requirement.

Because Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 is not supported for Windows Server 2003, and because according the Microsoft support lifecycle policy the support for Windows Server 2003 will stop as of July 2015, we are unfortunately forced to stop the support for Windows Server 2003 as of product update 409/254.

If you are using Windows Server 2003 and want to update to product update 409/254, we advise to timely upgrade to a newer supported operating system.


Smile! Your Synergy profile picture is available everywhere!

Written by Bob Heinen on . Posted in Exact Synergy

A lot a valuable data is stored in Synergy. Pictures of people are one of them. Using these pictures in communication tools such as MS Outlook and MS Lync offers a great user experience! With Product Update 250 we deliver Windows PowerShell scripts which allow uploading Synergy profile pictures into Active Directory. After this every known person will show the Synergy profile picture in the communication tool. So now you actually see whom you communicate with; isn’t this great!

Together with our Gold Partner Nobel we have developed these scripts and they are ready to be delivered to all of our customers. When Product Update 250 will be generally available the ‘how to’ documentation will also be provided. I will reply to this article with the link of the user guide. The provided script is for people but can also be used for contact persons which have portal access. You just need to modify the query in the script.

Until then keep smiling! You never know who is looking at your picture :-)

Photo credit: Shanda Panda


Using tabs in your workflow request

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of product update 247 Exact Synergy Enterprise supports tab sheets in workflow requests. Although you should always carefully consider when it’s better to have all information one screen or when tabs are more useful, you now have that option. In general, using tabs could be nice when the information that needs to be shown belongs to a specific workflow state, but off course it’s totally up to you when to use this functionality.

How to enable tabbed request sections?

In order to adjust an existing request type to use tabs you need the appropriate function right (Function Right 232: Function: Viewing and Modifying Workflow Requests) to adjust the request definition. For the sake of simplicity, I will assume you are a system administrator which has the appropriate function rights. To adjust existing request types go to the request type definition (open any request of the type you want to change and press I in the upper right corner).

You are now in the request type definition page. If you go to the fields tab sheet, you will find a checkbox on top (Show sections as tabs). If you check it, all sections that you have defined in the request will be automatically turned into tab pages. The process is reversible so you can play around with it. After you saved the request type, go back again to a request of that type, you will see it has changed the sections into tab pages. 

 Have fun!

B2B E-Commerce Portal, status & introduction video’s

Written by Bob Heinen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

The B2B E-Commerce Portal (ECP) is planned to be general available in July (with Exact Synergy Enterprise pu 246/Exact Globe pu 401). The last month’s we developed two major functionalities and about 10 smaller ones. The major functionalities are the Electronic Payment support and the E-Variant support. Electronic payment can be done via Ogone (http://www.ogone.com), Ogone offers their customer a wide range of electronic payment methods (Credit card, iDeal, PayPal and so on).

The other new functionalities include:

  • Displaying bigger images when clicking on a catalog image
  • Displaying free fields with an URL as a link
  • Having the favorite item widget on the account page
  • Support for non-sales items (add to cart is not disabled for these items)
  • Item name widget can display code and/or description now
  • The default order quantity can be linked to a item free number field
  • The DB.config is created automatically now when adding a new portal
  • We have a specific product updater for ECP now
  • When saving a shopping cart, the current one can either be cleared or not now
  • The Item image widget will also display html now

2 introduction movies were created for ECP, one in English and one in Dutch.

If you have any questions about ECP, please contact me (stan.houben@exact.com)

B2B E-Commerce Portal, status update

Written by Bob Heinen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Since the announcement of B2B E-Commerce Portal going into controlled release, we got a lot of positive feedback from customers, partners and colleagues within Exact. Thanks for that!

The focus for the coming period will be on:

  • Enabling electronic payment through Ogone (www.ogone.com)
  • Adding support for items (or assortments) per account group or account
  • Delivery method selection
  • Implementation of themes

As mentioned before, the B2B E-Commerce Portal (ECP) will be shipped with 3 ‘themes’. A ‘theme’ includes a set of fonts, colors and images. The portal administrator can easiliy select one of the themes from the ECP menu screen. After that the portal administrator can add, drag and modify widgets. The combination of a theme and widgets provides a lot of flexibility to customize the look & feel. All this without any html or css knowledge.

Of course it is also possible to change the portals’ css file (Cascading Style Sheet). Each theme has an own style sheet. Also a file called ‘custom.css’ is installed. Any changes to the exisiting theme should be added in the custom.css file. These changes should not be done in the theme css file. This way, updates will not destroy your customized style.

Theme selection in the B2B E-Commerce Portal menu:

Instead of 3 you see 4 themes here. The compact theme is a bonus! Here is an mock-up of the theme:


Any remarks or suggestions? Please share them with me.

Shop Floor Control and Exact Globe Next ERP Solutions

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Particularly in western countries the production strategy of many production companies is changing and is being redefined. In many cases companies shift to assemble-to-order production, focusing more on R&D, sales & marketing, purchase and production assembly. Additionally, to stay competitive these companies constantly focus on lead time reduction and search for ways to keep operational margins up to level. There is also a visible trend of adopting lean manufacturing principles.

Focus on order controlled manufacturing
In 2010 Exact launched a strong development initiative to shift its development capacity to focus on the order controlled business. By introducing smart solutions, we can reach the goal of helping customers to reduce operational costs and to shorten both office- and manufacturing lead times.

Capacity planning
In part I of the overall project, Exact introduced the Visual Scheduler, which was released to market in the beginning of 2012. This solution enables manufacturing companies to drastically reduce time spent on their shop floor planning.

Where most other software vendors offer a link to a third party planning solution, Exact offers one integrated solution, which is part of the standard manufacturing suite of Exact Globe Next. It provides companies with a graphical plan board, finite automatic planning, and an easy to use “drag and drop” feature to resolve possible capacity bottlenecks.

Shop Floor Control
In part II of the project, it is time to further reduce the operational production costs, by “bringing the ERP information to the shop floor”. Traditionally information is offered to the operator on paper. Paper is also used to register actuals produced, materials used, and to communicate this information back to the office so it can be processed in the ERP. This results in double work, possible errors and longer (administrative) lead times. To register materials used and quantities produced, Exact offers its WMS solution for many years now.

To replace paper and to improve efficiency on the shop floor, offering just a workstation with the current ERP is not a solution. In order to achieve this, the operator on the shop floor should be offered a different type of user interface, with different information. Besides production order information, like work instructions, materials required, assembly steps, etc. other information is also needed; think about CAD drawings, product pictures, quality checks, documents with standard operating procedures, etc.

Finally the user interface needs to be designed especially for an operator. We need to offer an easy to use interface and offer a solution that works on devices which can operate on the shop floor environment, like a ruggedized machine with touch screen capabilities or on MES systems.

Closing the loop
With Shop Floor Control (SFC) solutions we use data directly from and to the shop floor to maintain and communicate status information of production orders or operations. With solid and easy to use SFC we “close the loop”, from real time planning to real time realization. It will streamline the integration between planning, scheduling, operational activities and realization of the activities performed. This will result in less operational costs and even shorter (administrative) lead times.

Want to know more?
Keep your eye on this blog as we will publish more on the actual status of the development including mockups and prototypes.


Service Management: Closer look at contracts

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact is currently developing a new Service Management solution. The team has created this video to give you a global preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon. However we would like to take you a little bit more in depth for Service Contracts at this stage.

The service contract is optional but can be used to register the agreements made with the customer. For an easy and uniform contract entry, it is possible to create agreement sets containing different agreements, which can be added to a contract as a set. Templates can be created with pre-filled contract information. This means you only have to select the configuration; it is optional to select which agreement applies to which configuration item or part. To make sure the right prices are used when creating agreements for an item, you can define default contract rates. These can be invoiced periodically, or the agreements can influence the service activity process. You can also define when and how often preventive maintenance will be done, and which service activities can be created in a batch.

Please take a look at the video!


Feedback is highly appreciated!

Exact’s Service Management solution video

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

The Exact Service Management team is currently developing a successor to the Exact Field Service solution, that aims to help wholesale and manufacturing companies who service the products they sell to optimize their service activities.

To give you even more insight in what this solution is and how you can benefit from it, we are pleased to share with you the solution video. In the video you can see how we aim to meet and exceed your needs with our full scale Service Management solution. You will also learn how this solution can facilitate each of the process flow steps, that include service configuration, service activity, dispatching/planning, realizations, validation/approval and invoicing.

Exact’s Service Management solution is in the final phases of development, we plan to start a controlled release period in Q4 of 2011, so stay tuned for announcements on our Product Blog.

If you are interested in participating in the controlled release please contact your local Exact representative.

Should you have any questions regarding Service Management solution, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.6 – A Bag of Tricks

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Effective Tuesday, May 4, Exact Event Manager 1.6 went into extended internal testing and QA (Regional Verification Testing). This exercise will take place in Columbus, OH where we are privileged to have 3 colleagues from Delft with us, who will assist in shaking the latest release out. By bringing people from around the world together into one room, we will further ensure that communications and ideas are consistent and focused. There is nothing like breaking down time-zone governed barriers!

Event Manager 1.6 is a cumulative release that contains a significant number of software corrections, some smaller user improvements and 2 new features:

  • Support for SQL Server Reporting Services as an action
  • Uploading of attachments into Synergy Enterprise as documents

These two enhancements were requested by groups across all regions and represent the growing trend of market / customer driven solutions.

Support for SQL Server Reporting Services

When setting up SSRS as an Action, you are able to define the format of the output as either

  • MS-Word
  • Excel
  • Adobe .pdf
  • HTML 4
  • CSV

So, what does this mean to everyone? Well, the attachments that are sent with the outbound email, as the action, mean that the user can take advantage of the significant features found within Excel, Word etc. For example team members here have been playing around with conditional formatting, which will be controlled by Excel or Word.

Uploading Documents as Attachments to Synergy Enterprise

Tapping into the extended opportunities provided to us by the entities exposed with Synergy Enterprise, you are now able to take a Crystal Report and upload that into Synergy Enterprise as a document with the the report attached to the document. Furthermore, making use of the power of SQL Server Reporting Services, the same holds true here. You are able to define an Event where the action is to create a Document, and you have the option to select a SSRS document to be uploaded into Synergy Enterprise, as an attachment. This means that you can select either a pdf, Word, Excel, HTML 4 or CSV attachment to Synergy.

The use of the Entities with Synergy Enterprise, further allows you to ensure that the document types and all properties associated with the document classification are exposed and correctly filled in within Exact Event Manager.

Exact Event Manager 1.6 is a major milestone for the solution. We are now stepping into new areas of capabilities never before seen, and embracing newer technologies and concepts such as SSRS and entity integration. For more information, keep watching my blog. I will not be silent and will continue to communicate!

B2B E-Commerce Portal in Controlled Release!

Written by Bob Heinen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

In my last post I promised to let you know once the B2B E-Commerce Portal (ECP) is in controlled release. Well, the moment is there!

As of yesterday, after completing an extensive acceptance test and getting very positive feedback from customers during a ‘customer evaluation roadshow’, the B2B E-Commerce Portal has gone into extended controlled release for the regions International and Benelux. Exact Globe customers can now adopt a straight forward, configurable and easy to implement and maintain electronic commerce portal. The portal facilitates online and on-demand sharing of information and Web-based ordering by customers, partners or employees.

As more and more companies serve their customers online, it has become essential to optimize electronic business-to-business (B2B) ordering processes. Exact’s B2B E-Commerce portal puts companies in close contact with their customers and prospects on an efficient and secure online commerce platform. The portal allows them to flexibly meet the needs of their clients, while lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of their supply chain.

Exact’s B2B E-Commerce Portal facilitates and speeds up online service to customers and partners. Easily integrated into Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise, the platform provides a number of short to long term benefits, ranging from reduced administrative burden to easier information access. Ideal for Wholesale trade and Manufacturing companies that are looking for ways to differentiate in their challenge to remain a valuable partner in their customer’s supply chain.


  • Offer better service to customers/partners
  • Less administrative work
  • Reduce errors to the minimum
  • Reduce sales order processing activities
  • Create more opportunities
  • On demand advice and order entry
  • Order status, history and invoices at the customer’s finger tips


  • Out of the box and configurable
  • Comes with example templates for a quick start
  • Easy to implement and maintain by non-technical users
  • Embed your company identity
  • Always real time so accurate data
  • Optionally present stock levels
  • Always the right price for the right customer
  • Save time in order entry
  • Bring your assortment in front of your customer
  • Eliminate time consuming customer questions on order status
  • Includes easy ordering via MS Excel

For more information and availability please contact your Exact representative.