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Now available: batch payments in Exact Online

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online


Need to pay your suppliers? You might postpone it a little while… because paying suppliers is easy and fast in Exact. You are just a view clicks away from a bank file with your payments. All information, such as account number, invoice number, amount, is included. Your outstanding items in Exact are automatically marked as payment in transit. Everything is clear: for you and your supplier.

When you receive the bank statement with paid invoices, they will be automatically matched with the corresponding outstanding items. But sometimes you receive a bank statement with a compressed bank statement line which include all the payments. This is cheaper because some banks charge extra for individual bank statement lines. Sometimes, when it comes to payroll data, you need a compressed bank statement for security reasons.

Unfortunately compressed bank statement files are hard to match. So processing those files is time consuming. But now you will be freed from this burden as Exact can match compressed lines with the corresponding outstanding items!

Maintenance Bank Account

Now this innovation is available for all Exact Online subscriptions.

Happy matching!

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