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Work even safer with Exact Online

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online


Your data is safe within Exact Online. Of course, it is always wise if you regularly change your username and password. Nevertheless, it can always be better: we want to prevent a criminal to steal and abuse your username and password through phishing. That is why Exact Online is even better protected now. How? Read more below about the latest improvements – immediately available for all Exact Online users.

Change bank account? Easy check!

Any change of a bank account number is logged in Exact Online. Therefore, you can always check who added, changed or deleted a bank account number. This can be done via the Audit trail, which you will find by clicking on your company name, Master data, Data management. Please note that you must have activated the “View audit trail” right. This way, nothing escapes your attention and you will be even safer than before.

Email when changing existing bank account

As soon as an existing bank account number changes – for example, an account, your own bank account number or one of your employees – the main user within Exact Online will be notified by email. If you are aware of this change, you can delete the mail. Is this not the case? Contact the helpdesk of Exact Online via the support page on our website.

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