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The next Localization update

Written by Irene Nuijten on . Posted in Exact Globe

Here is the newest edition of our monthly Localization update. Today we will talk about some upcoming changes for the Netherlands.

Creating a Suppletie aangifte

A Suppletie aangifte is used for correcting a VAT declaration that has been sent to and approved by the Dutch tax authorities. As of product update 413, it will be possible to create this type of declaration in Exact Globe. In the screen that is used for creating a tax declaration, the option Correction has been added in the section Declaration. Here it is possible to select one or more periods you need to correct. After finalizing the Suppletie aangifte, it can be sent to the tax authorities via Digipoort.

Please note that the Suppletie aangifte is only applicable to electronic VAT-returns that have been sent via Digipoort.

More Dutch enhancements

In the list below there are some more Dutch Localizations features we have been working on:


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