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Posted on 26. Apr, 2012 by in Exact Synergy

The Synergy app for Windows Phone will be introduced in the Windows Phone Marketplace early this summer!

Gartner expects Microsoft to climb to third place in the global Mobile OS rankings by 2013, behind Android and Apple. By adding the Synergy app for Windows Phone to our Synergy apps family, we have apps available for over 80% of our mobile Synergy users.

The design of the Synergy app for Windows Phone follows the Windows Phone guidelines. If you have a Windows Phone, this app will look familiar. Navigation is easy and the look and feel is clean and straight forward. You will find your way through the app in no-time. Below a mockup of the request card.

The functionality on the app is similar to what we offer with the apps for Apple and Android. Some most used features are:

–       Manage your workflow
–       View and maintain account- and contact-information
–       Search in employee list
–       Book your expense claims and Time-off
–       Register your hours (as a part of the PSA offering)
–       ….

I will inform you when the Synergy app for Windows Phone is available to download in a couple of weeks.

P.S. For the 20% of our mobile users who don’t have an Apple, Android or Windows Phone, Mobile Synergy is the mobile web client you can use on your mobile device!

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6 Responses to “Synergy app for Windows Phone”

  1. Ronald Voets

    26. Apr, 2012

    This is great news, can’t wait

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  2. Martin Ortgiess

    26. Apr, 2012

    I already had a feeling you would be interested in this…

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    26. Apr, 2012

    Yes! I love Windows Phone – now I can present the Synergy Apps to my prospects on my own phone :)

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  4. Robert Klein

    27. Apr, 2012

    Marting, that is great news, gives Synergy users a choice. I really like the updated workflow status.

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  5. Armand Wilhelm

    26. Jul, 2012

    Any news yet? The lastest apps for Android and Iphone are released yesterday but still waiting for the windows phone app.

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  6. Martin Ortgiess

    26. Jul, 2012

    Hi Armand, we are pending approval from Microsoft and I hope to have it available next week.

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