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Using tabs in your workflow request

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of product update 247 Exact Synergy Enterprise supports tab sheets in workflow requests. Although you should always carefully consider when it’s better to have all information one screen or when tabs are more useful, you now have that option. In general, using tabs could be nice when the information that needs to be shown belongs to a specific workflow state, but off course it’s totally up to you when to use this functionality.

How to enable tabbed request sections?

In order to adjust an existing request type to use tabs you need the appropriate function right (Function Right 232: Function: Viewing and Modifying Workflow Requests) to adjust the request definition. For the sake of simplicity, I will assume you are a system administrator which has the appropriate function rights. To adjust existing request types go to the request type definition (open any request of the type you want to change and press I in the upper right corner).

You are now in the request type definition page. If you go to the fields tab sheet, you will find a checkbox on top (Show sections as tabs). If you check it, all sections that you have defined in the request will be automatically turned into tab pages. The process is reversible so you can play around with it. After you saved the request type, go back again to a request of that type, you will see it has changed the sections into tab pages. 

 Have fun!

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Comments (5)

  • Alban Selmani


    The idea of ​​using tabs is very good. I have been playing with this feature. But I would prefer to have the choice whether a section should be a tab or not.
    For the layout in a workflow, I would like to be able to use sections inside a tab.
    Are there more people who would want this functionality?


  • Edwin


    Yes! That option would give you more flexibility.


  • Petr


    I have same comment as above – what about sections inside the tab?


  • b.it


    That also was my first thought – having sections for most used fields and tabs for additional information or sections that need a lot of space


  • Robin den Buurman


    Thanks for the suggestion, we will take it into account!


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