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Oh no, not a salary increase!

Written by michielvandenarend on . Posted in Exact Online

It is not a yell you hear a lot. Maybe you have never heard it. But in some departments you can hear it…the payroll administrators who have to enter the new wages into the system.

It can be a lot of work. Search for the employee, open the payroll data, select the gross salary component, update the amount, save the changes and then start again with the next employee.

Of course we understand the payroll administrators, but we also know that employees like to get a salary increase. Therefore we created a tool to update the salaries quickly and easily. And not only changes in salaries, but also changes of manager, location and other payroll components like net allowances or bonuses.

In the mass update-tool, you can change employee data for all (or a selection of) employees in three clicks. First select the employees and the subject you want to update. But you can also select all employees, because you can exclude them for a change in the next step.


Here you see a percentage increase of the salary with 2,5% as from 01-09-2011. By the way, the amounts are rounded up to 0,50 cents.

In the next step, you can deselect some employees so the will not get a salary increase. You also can change the new amount manually. So when you have an increase without any logic, you can start with an increase of an amount of 0,00. In the grid, you can enter the new wages manually for all employees in one page.

Same logic is available for increasing (or decreasing) other payroll components. As said before, it is also possible to update your employee data, like manager or mail addresses.

So with this tool, I hope that everybody likes salary increases as from now!

More new financial development on the horizon

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In previous blogs What a wonderful world… and Don’t spend any more time on manual invoice entry  the new scanning functionality was introduced.  A beautiful way to save time. Time that you can now spend on your core business. So…what else do we have on the agenda to support your bookkeeping process?

We are working on a solution where you only have to enter financial basics like

  • for who (customer/supplier),
  • when (date) and
  • what (subject and  total amount)

when a financial entry needs to be created. Exact Online does the rest!

For often used financial entries it becomes possible to create templates. Known financial data like general ledger accounts, cost centers or cost units can be filled in. Further you can indicate how line amounts must be calculated.
Because essential data is already known at the moment a financial entry is created, using a template saves you time.
Furthermore, when the same financial entry occurs more then once, a template ensures that entries are created along the same line and reduces the likelihood of you making mistakes.

Where is it useful?
Let’s give a few examples where we think we can help you save time:

Imagine… you receive an invoice from the telephone company. You receive it every month, only the actual costs differ. The specification shows costs for subscriptions, actual phone costs, mobile phone costs, use of Internet etcetera. If the general ledger accounts are predefined per cost type and if the distribution of the costs is also known beforehand, entering the total amount will be sufficient to create the entire entry!

Imagine… you have a web shop and the invoicing is done by Visa. 2 % of each invoice goes to Visa, the rest considered turnover. 
When you can define this division as a fixed portion booked for Visa and the remainder as turnover beforehand, you’ll never have to divide the invoice up manually again.

Image… you have visited a gas station. You want to enter the bill directly into your Exact Online administration via your mobile phone app. You just have to enter which amount you have spent on what and where  (e.g. 100 euros for fuel at Shell) and the administration will do the rest!  

Can we make it easier still?
The new functionality will be introduced gradually in phases. Any feedback is welcome, just reply on this post.

Globe tip: Changing transactions

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Globe

Does it sound familiar to you: you made a mistake in the entry, but you realized it too late and has already processed it? We’ve got you covered and offer a great solution – ‘change’ function.

Financial entries that originate from other modules cannot be adjusted, but sometimes it can be desirable to change values, for example the cost center. You can do it easily with the ‘change’ function.

This function works for all kinds of entries, however remember that there are a few limitations. You cannot change the following information:

  • The date, amount, debtor/creditor and tax, since they influence your tax return
  • Voided entries 
  • Entries in closed periods

Please watch our tip video to learn how to change transactions using the ‘change’ function.

You can also watch here the Dutch version of the video.

Service Management

Service Management: Selling goods so you can service them quickly later!

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact is currently developing a new Service Management solution. The development team has created this video to give you a preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon.

Need for speed when creating service requests

When creating a service request you have to deal with different situations. Most of the time the information provided is very limited and response time is critical. This movie gives a first impression of the usability aspect we can offer when dealing with incoming requests for service.

Generate Service configurations and activities from sales orders

In the current situation it is a separate manual step to make a service configuration visible for the service organization and to create service-related activities that come with the delivery of such items. Service configurations and service activities, such as installation activities, can now be generated directly from the Exact Globe sales process. A good example of cross-disciplinary integration that drives efficiency for companies that service the products they sell.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Note: We are still developing and improving this solution, the shown solution can differ from the actual delivered solution.

Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 246 in controlled release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of this week, Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 246 is in controlled release. As usual, the release is now available for resellers and all controlled release customers that take part in it. This new product update is planned to be generally available in the end of July 2011.

Professional Services Automation
This product update focuses primarily on automation of professional services organizations, where we have added several new features to support project managers, consultants and project controllers in their daily work, such as:

  • Additional improvements in the hour & expense entry screen for consultants (video);
  • A new project manager license role that can create PSA projects, define budgets and project scopes, create work breakdown structures, find and plan people, approve their realized hours and invoice them to the customers via Exact Globe (video);
  • Improvements to rates and items for project controllers and project managers, who will be able to, among others, define project, customer and personal rates with cost and sales prices in multiple currencies, and on top of that define multiple assortments of items. We have also increased the total amount of allowed rates. (video)
  • Improvements for administrators such as:
    • 64-bit environment compliance;
    • Additional request types to be used by consultants;
    • Control over sections of the hour & expense entry screen.

Reporting services
Moreover, we have added new features in reporting to provide our customers with even better insight into enterprise data:

  • Possibility to share reports via the customer and reseller portal
  • Retrieving information from many administrations separately with one report
  • Linking multiple persons to a report irrespective of the assigned roles
  • Identifying reports as web parts

Mobile Synergy
Based on feedback and suggestions from our customers, we have also extended features in Mobile Synergy. You can now view your own calendar and schedule appointments with your accounts and colleagues.

Looking forward to your feedback on the new update!

Service Management movie

Service Management: Planning a job

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact is currently developing a new Service Management solution. The development team has created this video to give you a preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon.

Dispatching of service activities

Assigning the right engineer to a service activity is essential in service organizations. Aspects such as availability, skills and stock on hand are the instruments a planner or helpdesk employee can use in making sure the right engineer is planned for the job. We looked at the gaps that customers experience in the current plan board of Field Service in Exact Synergy ASP and used these to design and develop a completely new plan board. This plan board helps you to solve issues like separating backlog from planned activities, filter on resource and activity-related constraints, and makes it easy to assign or reassign service activities to one or more engineer.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Note: We are still developing and improving this solution, the shown solution can differ from the actual delivered solution.

Service Management Movie

Service Management: Register service jobs

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As I informed you in my previous blog, last week, we are developing a new Service Management solution. Our development team has created another video to give you a sneak preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon

When creating a service request you have to deal, most of the time, with limited information provided by your customer and response time is critical. Now, it is no longer required to always link a contract and it is possible to only fill in the information available. In addition, multiple service configurations or parts of service configurations can be serviced in one go. Although we are still working on assigning (multiple) resources and materials required, we would like to give you an impression of the usability aspect we can offer helpdesk employees when dealing with incoming requests for service.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Note: We are still developing and improving this solution, the shown solution can differ from the actual delivered solution.

VAT return for Germany to be changed as of July 2011

Written by Sabine Christiansen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Lately announced change in § 13b of German UStG requires adjustments in our official layout. Moreover, in the electronic VAT return Elster new VAT boxes have been introduced and some additional changes have been done to the existing boxes. All details on needed changes are available now and we are busy introducing them into Exact Globe for our Product Updates  401 and 402.

You can find more details on this change, by clicking on the logo below (German language only).

Please contact me at sabine.christiansen@exact.com if you have any questions.

How do we approach localizations?

Written by Sabine Christiansen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Exact deals with customers in 125 countries from all over the world and therefore localization of our software has always been a big issue for us. With a newly formed localizations team in corporate product management, which offers centralized structures and responsibilities, we can deliver better results.

Our new team consists of three colleagues, each of us dedicated to a number of countries we are responsible for. What we, in co-operation with the regional product responsible, want to achieve is:

  • Becoming proactive with respect to changes in international legal regulations and product requirements
  • Make all localized versions and functionality to become part of the standard Exact Globe distribution set
  • Assure a professional and consistent face to the market for all localized versions
  • Share existing functionality where reasonable
  • Meeting and managing customers’ expectations

Our colleague Elaine Chai is responsible for Asian countries, I, Sabine Christiansen, I’m taking care of Central Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Alexander Kutilov keeps focus on the other western European countries as well as other geographical areas including Americas.

Thinking about Central Europe a lot of alignment has been done for the past years. All of them are influenced by European Economic Community and general accounting principles are quite comparable. As a result, it really brings a lot of benefit to combine and centralize efforts for the countries. Besides, at least for the international companies our solutions are used in different countries and for the parent company it’s much easier to merge data when all subsidiaries in other countries use functionality that is uniformed worldwide and at the same time it’s localized.

At the moment we are on our way gaining more detailed information inside our existing localizations and after this evaluation is done I’m convinced we are able to share and spread existing functionality to other countries and as a result to create added value with limit risk and effort.

We already had comparable experience with our existing localizations for our customers in Austria and Switzerland, that could easily share functionality originally built for Germany.

So, although facing some challenges at the moment, we are already sure to provide a lot of exiting new features to our customers in the future. We’ll keep you posted, stay tuned!

 *Image credits: http://www.gometro.org