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Working with Layouts: “Layouts? Help, where to start?”

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

Say you just started working with Exact Online. First of all: welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!
An important aspect of getting started in Exact Online is creating layouts. These layouts will determine the looks of some of the communication with your customers, created from Exact Online as a digital or printed document. Take for example the invoice layout. To get you started, we have created a nice set of layout templates where the template gallery was introduced:

By using a template, you don’t have to start all the way from scratch. Based on the support questions asked by customers like you, I’ll show you some tips to make things even easier for you.

Select a template

Let’s start with selecting a template from the template gallery. This can be found in the Sales>Layouts menu. Just select a layout type, press the New button, select Start from a template and you’re in the template gallery. Pick a template you like and click the link to start using this template as a basis.


One of the most obvious tips is how to replace the logo. Just select and delete the Exact logo we put in as an example. Now select Add>Image and select an image file from your PC.

Edit fields, change text and formatting

To change predefined text, just select the field and click edit in the top.


Now you can change the text including font style. It is also possible to insert fields in between the text, as was done already in most templates.


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Linking layouts

One other feature you can put to good use, is the ability in Exact Online to link any type of layout (e.g. invoice, reminder, sales order, etc) to a language or an account. This way you can make sure your customer receives the document in the correct language and/or specific layout! You link a layout in the Sales>Layouts menu.
In the screens where you create your documents, you’ll have the option to use the currently selected layout or use the preferred linked layout.

As always in working with layouts, having a little more knowledge will make you a happier user. Until next time.

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