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Working with layouts: “Help, my lines start to overlap!”

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

Say your business is running better and better and you start selling more. This could translate into having more invoice lines per invoice, meaning you want to have all those invoice lines printed on the invoice neatly and efficiently. Say that for this purpose you decided to allow more space for the invoice lines in your layout. You edited your invoice layout in the layout editor, the place in Exact Online where you control the looks of your layout.

However, while you were experimenting with a copy of your layout, you ran into the issue that on the second page of the PDF, the lines start to overlap other text. This is an actual scenario coming from our support department. It can be fixed easily, as long as you have just a little more knowledge.


Why does this happen?

Say that initially the issue of lines overlapping text did not occur. The overlap started to occur after you found out that dragging a line in the layout a little higher will create more space for the invoice lines. In the screenshot below this line is indicated by an arrow. Dragging the line higher will indeed allow more space for the lines. However the block that displays your company’s data in this layout is defined to appear on all pages. Which explains the overlap.


How exactly can you be in control here?

The layout editor allows you flexibility on how your invoice should appear if you have lines that need multiple pages. The pages of an invoice are split into the First page, the Last page and all the pages in between are called the Middle pages.  There will only be middle and last pages if there are enough invoice lines of course.

In the Properties section you can define on which page you would like a block of text or a field to be printed, first, middle, last or a combination of these. To fix the layout in the scenario above we should uncheck the checkboxes for middle and last page. See the screenshot above.

Where will the lines start and end on the first, middle and last page?

  1. The upper line determines where the line section will start on the middle page(s) and the last page. See line number 1 below.
  2. The lower line determines where the line section will stop on the first and middle page(s). See line number 2 below.
  3. The top of the lines section determines where the line section will start on the first page. See line number 3 below.
  4. The bottom of the lines section determines where the line section will end on the last page. See line number 4 below.



To help you in the future keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • For everything that is located in between the two lines, pay attention to the page(s) they should appear on (first, middle, last).
  • Make use of the Print Preview button. In the top of the print preview popup, you can select any invoice in your administration to use in the preview. Make sure you preview a set of invoices with a varying number of lines to make sure your business is represented best in the print preview.

As you can see, having just a little more knowledge will help you in reaching your goal. Until next time.

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