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Posted on 18. Mar, 2011 by in Exact Synergy

Based on your feedback after the introduction of the new user interface in product update 244, we did some major enhancements. As of the product update 245 we did, among others, the following improvements:

  • Mega menus display options of what you have access to based on your license roles
  • The Right top menu includes for example alert menu which displays your ‘to do’ list, document menu to view or create documents and a list of your recent contacts
  • We have added a Quick links section in the right bar with links to for instance reports and activity
  • Self-service wizard has been moved to the right side and includes now time-off, personal file and new wizard for medical leave and expense claim
  • We have standardized the layout for account, project and personal card. They include a business card view and quick links. You can now adjust the tabs on the card according to your needs by simply dragging and dropping them

Watch the video below to see other changes we did in the product update 245.

We are constantly working on improving the new user interface and we highly value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments please submit them by clicking on the feedback button in Exact Synergy Enterprise or by sending email to

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8 Responses to “New Synergy design video”

  1. Aad 't Hart

    18. Mar, 2011

    Where can I find the video, because the picture links to a video on license roles?


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  2. Vincent Henricks

    18. Mar, 2011

    Hi Aad. It is the second video in the list with the title ‘245 Hot Topics UserInterface’, underneath the video frame. Unfortunately there are no options to directly link to the UX video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  3. Vincent Henricks

    28. Mar, 2011

    We managed to change the playlist to separate videos. Now you can directly watch the right one by clicking on the ‘Play’ link in the picture.

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  4. Gary@VCD

    06. May, 2012

    Vincent, it seems to be pretty quiet regarding this much wanted new interface. What’s up?

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  5. Vincent Henricks

    07. May, 2012

    Hi Gary, I will send you an email to further illustrate the progress. I’m also busy writing a new article which I will post on this blog on short term.

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  6. Vincent Henricks

    17. Jul, 2012

    Hi Gary, in the meantime I’ve been called you to give more explanation on the UI.

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