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Posted on 16. Jan, 2011 by in Exact Globe Next, Exact Synergy

It’s time for an Update on Central Master Data Management

As explained in the previous blog posts, we decided to start with “accounts”. In the previous months we further extended the functionality of Central Master Data Management (CMDM) for Accounts.

Some of the adjustments are:

  • Browse Exact Globe data at the central environment
  • Improved user interface of the division specific data screen
  • Division specific data screen now customizable

In a previous blog post Central master data Video I shared the first video. We updated the video, please have a look (by clicking the picture below)!Please have a look at our video and share your feedback!

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6 Responses to “CMDM video update”

  1. Barry van der Meij

    17. Jan, 2011


    So how do we get this going? Cannot find the section on the account card in a 245 synergy environment?

    BR Barry

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  2. Synergy User

    18. Jan, 2011

    Hi! Looks great

    @barry – I believe that you will find that this functionality will NOT be standard core functionality and is a seperate module that of course will not be free! such a same as surely if you are working in a Synergy Consolidated environment this functionality should be included.

    I hope that I may be wrong and someone from Exact will correct me and say that it is going to be integrated as part of standard core functionality…. but I doubt it wil be the case

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  3. Richard Smits

    18. Jan, 2011

    Hi Barry,

    This is not general available yet. We just started an extended controlled release, meaning we will roll-out gradually. So no date yet for general availability, we will start with a small group of customers.
    If you want to participate or now more about pricing, please contact your Exact representative.



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  4. Synergy User

    29. Mar, 2011

    Hi Richard

    I have heard that this module is costing 6,500 EURO!!

    Why is something so fundimental to a consolidated scenario costing so much?

    Exact should seriously review its strategy if it’s going to make Synergy Enterprise a sucess!!

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  5. Richard Smits

    30. Mar, 2011

    Hi ….,

    The investment in a Central Master Data Management solution depends very much on the business scenario. The price you mention would already be a scenario including consultancy services on conversion, synchronization and implementation of CMDM.


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  6. Synergy User

    30. Mar, 2011

    Hi Richard

    Thankyou for reply.

    The price mentioned is for one entity I understand so additional pro services would be required to implement additional entities??

    Not a very cost effective solution!….shame

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